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  1. Taken at Somesville, a small footbridge over a tiny little pond. I

    think the CCD may have some trouble with the highly saturated

    red/orange on blue since it looks like it "bled"(?) a little. But

    any other critique/comments appreciated.

    Sunrise Rocks


    The sun rising on the seashore. I liked the color of the sun off the

    rocks and the seagull that happened to fly through the frame while I

    took this. (Apparently leaving one of his compatriots behind on the

    upper left hand corner of the frame.) Any critiques/comments


    Green Reflection

    Thanks for your comments. This wasn't Echo Lake... it was just one on Rte 3 going into Bar Harbor. That said, it sometimes seemed like fog could rise from any given point during the morning hours on MDI.
  2. Shot of Otter Cliffs right after the sun rose. It was kind of

    difficult to balance out the overexposure to the left where the sun

    was but the coloring of the cliffs was nice. Any comments/critiques


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