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  1. had to hold the camera on my knee and shoot a number of times in

    order to get a sharp shot as i did a long time exposure. Doing this i

    first thought my framing was ideal, but by now, i feel like it's a

    bit too tight... thing is : another scooter kept me from enlarging on

    the left hand side, what do you think ?

    Framed 2

    such a brilliant idea to frame this person into a natural frame. First time i ever see something like that. Had you seen it before, did you plan to do it, or did it come just like this, i don't know, but i'll check your folder for more good ideas in the future !!!
  2. it's my favorite photo, should i have to rate my own shots. On that day i walked twice the distance, running up and down, i kept shooting my mates and couldn't believe the great images my LCD was shoing after each shot. Crossing this cloud has been a exciting (thrilling !!!) experience, and yes, i had to watch the lenses, and kept storing my C2500L in its leather protection, away from the ambient water. Thanks for your comments and ratings, Marc.
  3. may be your grandma was smarter than you think : truncating is sometimes a good way to focus on some specific area. Unfortunately, here you're right, it wasn't even intentional. Anyway, say you've got to trim the horses legs, since it doesn't fit in the frame, how better could you make the picture even but by truncating the head ??? May be it would just fit for an ad, some text written on the left side might help...



    This picture was taken in Fribourg (Switzerland), during the Jazz

    parade. I guess my Kodak 290 and its slow and hazardous operation

    tricked me, and i must have moved before the end of the exposure i

    suppose. Does it make a good effect anyway ?

    Sez who?


    this picture makes me laugh.

    You should try some photo contest in the category humour.

    I just enjoy looking at it, because it makes this bird very communicative, and i guess everyone who will do so has to imagine what the bird must probably be thinking. As far as i'm concern that was "who the hell do they think they are..."

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