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  1. <p>thanks guys/gals..........appreciate the spell check and feedback. </p>

    <p>I like the idea of requesting a "Contact Sheet" to see what I want to have printed. Never tried that. Is that a service that only a high-end Brick-n-Mortar photo shop would offer? I'll look into that.</p>

    <p>Since its 220 film that offers 24 shots, ...........suppose I bought 220 film and attempted to load it into my A12 or C12 Magazine for the Hassy..........would it load? Would it shoot? If so, since the A12 and C12's only go to "12"..........how would I track the remaining frames? Just keep winding and shooting, regardless of the number in the view window?</p>


  2. <p>A) Specifically, I thought that I saw some 24 exposure roles of 120 film, which begged the question.<br>

    Not so? No such thing as 24 exposure 120 film?<br>

    B) I have not attempted to ask for squared photos in the past. Seems typically, my choices were<br>

    rectangular. I hope I can request square photos. It would seem the best choice with 120 film.<br>

    C) This question was not about lens choices, but rather is about the differences between shooting<br>

    with 35mm film, -vs- 120 film, and the way they respond (respectively) to lens settings, based<br>

    on the two natures of the two different size/textures of film.</p>

  3. <p>I'm in the market for an "under $20.00" Light Meter. I see a few of them on Amazon.com. I'd like an "on the cheap" light meter that I can "point-n-shoot" at my subject, and it'll say, "Hey dude........your F Stop should be "X" and your Shutter speed should be "X.""</p>

    <p>Isn't there something out there that is that basic, and equally as easy to read or interpret?</p>


  4. <p><is a 55 year old guy who just bought (actually it was a barter for one of my more valuable acoustic guitars) his first Hasselblad 500 c/m. I'm lovin it!! Still trying to find the date of manufacturing on it. I saw this comment in this thread:</p>

    <p>"........."TU" would be (19)67................."</p>

    <p>Not sure I fully understand why "1967" would be a specific and only date listed. I thought they produced these up til at least 1970. Guess I need to know more about the coding and so forth. Still in a learning curve.</p>


  5. <p>Hi gang!<br>

    I'm a 55 year old married guy (33 years and counting) who has decided not only to pull out his 35mm manual SLR and shoot film again, ............but I've also just begun a journey into Medium Format film with a Hasselblad 500 c/m V series. (Gotta love the sound of the shutter click!!)<br>

    A couple of fundamental questions about Medium Format if I may, somewhat connected to the Hasselblad:</p>

    <p>A) I note that the counter on the Hasselblad goes to 12. I understand that SOME roles of 120 film<br>

    can have more than 12 exposure potential. How do I compensate on the Hasselblad for roles that<br>

    exceed the counter?<br>

    B) I'll be taking my first role of 120 film to my local place of choice for development. Since the shots done<br>

    on Medium Format film are 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 square, will I likely have a choice of Prints that are "square" as well,<br>

    or am I stuck with say 4x5 or so? What do you recommend as a good Print size for 120 film?<br>

    C) How does Medium Format photography affect your choices of lens settings, as opposed to 35mm film?<br>

    Put another way: Should my approach to my lens setup options be different with Medium Format film, than<br>

    the way I approach 35mm film?</p>

    <p>Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, suggestions.............<br>



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