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  1. <p>I have a few shots that i would like to send off to enlarge and frame. I shoot RAW, and edit in Lightroom 3. I plan on sending these to Adorama for the elargement. How should I export it from Lightroom? I usually export as a jpeg for normal prints, but should I do a tiff export when enlarging? I was thinking of a 16X20 print. Thanks for any advice.</p>
  2. <p>I am not a professional photographer, or even an advanced amatuer, but I have taken similar shots like this and have had good results. I have a Nikon D5000 and I shoot in Aperature Priority(as well as RAW). My daughters are cheerleaders who compete on stage, where the lighting is terrible. I usually set the camera to ISO 2500 or higher, and set it to the largest aperature(lowest F number - usually 4.5 on Zoom lens, unless you have a 2.8 lens). I usually can freeze the action pretty good. The one downfall to using such a high ISO is the nise you will create because of it. I usually take care of that in post processing in Lightroom 3. </p><div>00ZyO1-439695584.thumb.jpg.e9134de42c508c2e700c34f63dc4229d.jpg</div>
  3. <p>I am looking for a flash for my Nikon D5000. I am no where near a pro, or even an advanced amatuer, so I would like to avoid spending hundres of dollars on a flash if I can. my only subjects are my immediate family and some family events. I would like to keep it under $100. My question to all of you is, by buying a cheaper flash(like a Vivitar, etc) am I just delaying the inevitable of needing a better flash, like the SB700(or something like that) ? Thanks</p>
  4. <p>Thanks for the responses...I know $200 is not a lot for lighting, but when it is a new hobby, and I just spent $200 on a lens, it's a lot for me, at least right now. I don't have to shoot in basement, but when I do this shot it will be dark out, so it won't matter about natural light coming from the windows. I will definitly be doing a lot more research...thanks again!</p>
  5. <p>I am going to do some family shots in my finished basment. I have a D5000, and will be using a 35mm 1.8 lens. The lighting is recessed lighting, but can be angled slightly. I am no where near a professional photographer, or even an advanced amature, but I am trying to learn as much as I can. I can not justify spending $200+ on lighting. I have heard of some people using clamp on lights that can be bought at the local hardware store. Any advice?? </p>



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