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  1. Nice work.


    Unless they're illegal in your area, an antique shop might have some of the vintage toy guns that you're looking for...some might even suggest using the real thing, but I know that wouldn't give the look you're after. The vintage pin-ups in this vein had the cheesy toy guns in them, intended to LOOK like toy guns, and that's what you're looking to re-create, no? I like :o)


    best wishes,


  2. After studying it for a while, I can come up with several possibilities, but I'll keep my rambling to a minimum.


    A:it's someone's idea of one-upmanship as far as these roadside memorials are concerned; or


    B: Someone just wants to have all the bases covered...the Cross (christian), the star of David (Jewish), the bone (Voodoo perhaps?), as for the Benz grille...I'm at a loss. Perhaps it was a culturally diverse yet unlucky group of passengers who met their fate while riding in that fine piece of German engineering? Sounds like the stuff so many politically incorrect jokes are derived from, and now I'm overwhelmed with guilt for thinking such things!


    Interesting display, whatever the purpose...




    Good day,


  3. Hello :)


    I found it after going to the folder that contained the B&W shot from Eureka Springs. My curiosity got the better of me, and I had to see if there were any other places I recognized, sure enough!


    I enjoy your photos, makes me notice the things around me instead of just taking them for granted :) Have a happy new year!






  4. I've been threatening to stop and take a photo of that since I was ten years old. I recognize it, it's been a landmark for years, it's about 40 miles north of here, on the way to Huntsville from Ozark.


    Speaking of Ozark, it's interesting you should point out the way folks here seem to take the term "hillbilly" as something endearing...Ozark, AR actually has the hillbilly as their high school mascot, Complete with squirrelly rifle (Our live mascot really hams it up at football games, and fires off his gun every time we get a touchdown...much to the shock and horror of unsuspecting visitors).


    Up until a few years ago, he still had possession of his moonshine jug and corn-cob pipe. The pipe was the first to go, then the jug.


    If my old files are still on my old website, I'll post a photo that shows the "Kinder, Gentler hillbilly."

  5. Frank: "Say...what's that you got there?"


    Annie: "Aw...what's it look like?"


    Frank: "Beats the heck outta me, it ain't a rifle is it?"


    Annie: "Whatsamatter, ain't you got eyes? (turns and looks at frank, jaw drops) Yeah...y-y-you got eyes!"


    --Makes me miss the stage...One only gets to portray Frank Butler and kiss a pretty young Annie Oakley on stage once, maybe twice in a lifetime--


    Frank:"There's a girl in Arkansas, but I ran faster than her Pa, can't go back to Arkansas, I'm a bad, bad man!"



    Nice photo, one is rarely given the opportunity to observe these examples of times past. Sure, there are postcards; faded and yellowed, brittle and dog-eared reminders that such places existed. The large corporate chains have devoured the smaller family-owned places...sometimes I stay in them, Machete under the pillow for my own safety (?), just to take a bite out of the monster's profits, lol.


    That, and I'm cheap. I can't help it, it's genetic.

  6. Ya know...


    I've not been up that way in a LONG time, not since Dogpatch USA closed down. I guess it affected a lot of little tourist traps that have been a part of the culture for a long time.


    Somewhere, amongst years and years worth of "stuff" I've taken from my travels, I've still got souvenirs from that place, LoL!



    I wanted it to have the look of something from a browniecamera...

    ...lately I've been using my old Underwoodtypewriter

    to do my essays for college,

    using reel-to-reel tapefor recording my music,

    and wishing I had rolls of 616 for the oldbrownie,

    just because.



    I fear I may beturning into somewhat of a quasi-Luddite.



    I know, I know, someone is going to scoff because it's a cheap low-end "brownie of the digital world" camera...probably the same nameless elitist pole-smoker that votes 3/3 on everything! LoL!


    I'm glad you like it Jamie, thanks for the comment! It makes my day when people leave some feedback here, especially positive things :)



    There's something special about a boy's first car. The latenights busting knuckles getting it ready to drive, the endless tripsto the carwash, the first time you pick up your date...


    Myson's first car

    1964 Dodge 330.

  7. Erin,


    The photo is great! I like the lighting, the use of the old Farmall was unique...I intend to give this one a high rating :)


    At first, I thought the bride should be placed a little more to the right (as seen here), but after looking at this more intently, I think it works just as it is!


    I look forward to seeing more of your work :)






    To M Swift: I'll never fully comprehend what's so bad about them either, but some societies still view them as taboo. In this backwoods part of the world in which I live, there are some MEN who are ashamed for theirs to be displayed, even at home watching TV, when it's perfectly acceptable for them to scratch if something itches. On the other end of the spectrum, I've attended church services where mothers breast-fed their babies and no one thought a thing about it. Society is odd, no? Maybe it's personal preference...


    Great photo! Some day, an elderly lady who was once the expectant young mother will be able to look back on the photo and have fond memories, her children and grandchildren will be able to share this precious stage of life with her. Those kind of memories will be cherished for years to come.

    Self portrait


    I usually won't comment on someone's self-portrait, but I'll attempt it ONCE.


    The first thing I noticed were the eyes, I cannot help it, I love eyes. I'm assuming those freckles are real and not painted on, I like those too, for personal reasons as well as making this photo work. There's a time and place for makeup, but all-to-often people cover things up, hiding the natural.


    The "lines" of the photo work, for me at least. The light, contrast, and shadows make it rather dramatic, also a good thing.


    Great photo of a talented woman!

    Good morning


    When first I saw this, my assumption was that a hunter had taken a photo of his deer stand, which would be a common sight in the mountains north of where I live. I still hunt on occasion, Although lately I enjoy shooting things with my old Rollei more so than my Winchester.


    Just curious, what is the tower for? Does it serve the same purpose there as it would in Arkansas?


    Beautiful photo, nice work :)





    This is a different version of a photo I posted a few years ago.

    Basically, I was going for a realistic vintage look, something that

    looks like it might have been found in a pile of vintage photos at a

    yard sale...



    nice...either a shoebox ford or merc...


    nice color, contrast, and angles here, even though it may sound cliche', I'd like to see a front 3/4 view of this one.



    I tried to take advantage of the 3:00 PM "nature's softbox" after thethunderstorm blew over today, my glads are blooming nicely...


    comments? suggestions?


    I would have got more of the purple one in the foreground had it notbeen for some ugly clutter when showing more in the frame.

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