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    I've got one of the 3A folders, but mine has some oddball stuff that I've not seen on another example. There appears to be some sort of rangefinder thing built in just under the lens, with a spring loaded piece that slides in and out...now I've had several rangefinder cameras, a leica that I got for 5 bucks at a rummage sale at a church when I was 8 years old (kids shouldn't find such things, it suffered and died most ungracefully), and some russian copies...but this thing doesn't seem to work the same way? I know most of the folding brownies are focused via the little chart with a pointer that gives approximate focus distance...<br>

    <br /><br /><br>

    ...I initially bought it just for the lens. I was going to finally build a 4x5, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to tear it up just for the lens...the bellows and lack of film are all that is keeping me from using this antiquated piece of history as-is. (sigh)<br>

    <br /><br /><br>

    I'm extremely interested in finding some method of cutting down some film to use as intended...albeit without being able to use the autographic feature, unless someone comes up with a way of doing that too?</p>

  2. Good morning all,<br><br>


    I have questions regarding a practice I've seen on here from time to time; that

    is, where someone copies and edits another's work for the purpose of showing how

    they would have composed the photo, NOT for any other reason. I wouldn't be

    asking except this time, it's I who edited someone's photo with the intent of

    later posting it, rather a LINK to it in a comment on the original.<br><br>


    I apologize for the lengthiness of this post, but considering the possible

    negative effects of the situation, I feel it's in order.<br><br>


    The photograph in question was originally taken by a very talented photographer,

    who had asked if she was headed in the right direction (it's my opinion that she

    is, indeed!), and after looking her portfolio over, I decided to show instead of

    simply describing the placement I thought the model/subject/bride should have

    been in. As sometimes happens, I realize the clock is ahead of me, and I have to

    log off before I'd like to...what occurred might prove to be something of a dire

    nature, considering my neglecting to actually POST THE COMMENT with the link

    caused somewhat of a misunderstanding!<br><br>


    I was careful to make a new folder, called "other," and upload my edited

    "comment" version to this folder that isn't visible when one looks at my

    portfolio; however, the image showed up on my <i><b>recent photos</b></i>

    section that people see when looking at my profile! D-OH! The way it appeared,

    it was as if I were trying to pass this off as my original photo...which NEVER

    was intended, I simply hadn't got around to leaving the comment until I got my

    computer moved to my apartment tonight. Upon checking my email, I was alerted to

    the fact that a user had requested my email address. Suddenly I realized what

    may have happened...<br><br>


    Sure enough, upon checking, she had been confused because I had one of her

    photos showing, then minutes later she was upset (rightfully so! I would be too

    if I found one of mine under similar circumstances!)and wanted the photo

    removed, which I didn't do because I wanted her to see WHY I had done it, my

    original intention, that I wasn't "stealing" it as it appeared. <br><br>


    Here is the question part: Instead of immediately deleting the photo, I went

    ahead and made the comment I originally intended, containing the link to the

    edited version showing the alternative placement of the subject. I did this for

    more than one purpose: a.) to offer a suggestion that I thought might be of use,

    and b.) to attempt to show I wasn't keeping it for my own use. Was this wrong of

    me? Unethical, Immoral...?<br><br>


    Darn the duality that exists in my mind, but thankfully neither part is a thief.

    I wanted to delete it, out of respect for the photographer, yet I wanted her to

    know why I had the photo in the first place.<br><br>


    I emailed her, as well as posting below her comment of the edited version of HER

    photograph that I posted, and stated my purpose for doing so, and apologized,

    and stated that I would remove it immediately upon receiving word from her to do

    so after she had the chance to see the comments and read the emails.<br><br>


    I SOOO don't want to offend anyone, but this is a strange situation for me, I've

    never been placed in a situation like this before, I'm not upset at the young

    lady, not in the least, I have NO reason to be! I just don't want someone whose

    work I appreciate being upset at me for reasons that aren't spot-on.<br><br>


    Advice (other than pertaining to my poor photoshop


  3. Just a similar question.<p>

    I, too, have been looking at their offer, and what one is claimed to benifit from taking their course. I agree that the price of roughly $900 is a lot less expensive than a traditional school where one must attend classes, and I like the taking it at my own pace aspect...but I am curious as to whether or not I would be better off getting a grant (I am a single parent, and at age 32 this is a big decision...) and going back to school?<p>

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