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  1. Humble hello, after a long time away. Cheers.

  2. Don't look now.
  3. Chappie Cheese was here.
  4. I am the little Lebowski
  5. Hi Jack. Flying by for a dose of inspiration "sensei". :)
    1. Jack McRitchie

      Jack McRitchie

      Thanks, Marie. I'm staying away from posting pictures or commenting on pictures until things settle down. Hopefully they'll sort out this maze in the coming weeks.
  6. I gave it a chance because it LOOKED pretty but today I am disappointed with the look and function of the new site. I am beginning to regret my subscription as I may not be on here much anymore, Grateful for flickr! Can we have the option of going back to the old interface? AS WELL my account is marieh but posts as mhc?
  7. My User name is MarieH, but It shows MHC...and I am not amused!
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