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  1. I took this photo a week ago in my back garden and I keep coming backto it so I thought I'd share it.

    I like seeing the world from Kiera's eyelevel, it's made me appreciatemany things. I did have to drop the camera to stop her from eatingone of these flowers right after I took this ;)

    kiera and natasha


    We were standing near the entrance to Edinburgh Castle when I looked

    over at my wife and baby daughter and saw this very natural look, i

    quickly raised my camera and captured the moment.

  2. this was really handheld at 1 second, but I was bracing the camera against a fence. The colour cast comes from the weird sodium vapour lighting and how the digicam handled it. I like the end result as well. Thanks !

    buddha belly


    I took this shot in my studio last night. I like how the composition

    and lighting turned out. What do you think ? I have the rest of

    the third trimester to work on this project ;)

    Balancing Act


    I found these rocks balancing on the beach, and as I was composing,

    a kid who had been playing nearby started to work on his own

    sculpture. Due to the infrared process the shutter speed was a

    slow 1/15th, shot handheld. Even though the leftmost rock is a

    tiny bit cut off, does the picture still work for you?

    in the reeds


    I was moving around in the reeds, trying to find interesting

    compositions with the clouds that day. I think I found one.. This

    was taken with a digital camera which can record in color infrared.

    in the reeds

    Hi - in response to those who haven't seen my work before, this is the way infrared images come out of my camera when shooting in color mode, I have been exploring false-color infrared for some time now, and beyond a auto-levels, there is no post-processing. I enjoy working in infrared because it lets me move away from reality and create a certain surreality in my images.

    Snow Pipe

    of the two compositions you have online of this location, I prefer this one. The foreground detail and the quality of color really add to the surrealness of the long exposure of the smoke plume. I like the image as it is and would not crop it.
  3. This might not be what you had in mind, but my condo building is just a ways up the frame from the steeple. Sitting as I am within your photograph, I cant help but be in awe of the sheer size and sprawl of the city which I dont consider often enough because i'm looking at it from ground level all the time.



    This is the RC Harris Filtration Plant, better known as the

    Waterworks in Toronto. I grew up not far from this building, and it

    has been a long running theme in my work. I've probably shot

    hundreds of images on the grounds there. But when I took this shot,

    I feel i've captured the architecture here properly for the first

    time. The building is from the 1940's, and this shot from 2002

    really feels like the 40's to me.


    I really like this composition, the detail in the sky looks stunning, I wish there was a larger scan available so I could see all the detail that is in the lovely print you made.
  4. I wouldn't say the tree is too close to the edge here, if it were centered, I think this photo would be less strong. There is a vastness of sky, but I dont think that is a deficit here, it's a marvelous blue with nice cloud detail.
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