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    I have been trying to get close enough to get a decent shot of a pair of

    Coyotes just a few minutes outside the city limits. Took about 6 tries but I

    finally got close enough with the 70-300 to get a clear shot. Comments

    welcome, Thanks.



    This was taken in the middle of a military base. There was 10 of them

    wandering through a small field surrounded by PMQ's(Housing units)



    It’s not only a great shot but educational as well. I am a Boxer owner with his tail is cropped and have never seen such a good view of the Boxers tail before. Actually I am glad his tail is cropped because the way he wiggles his butt when he gets excited having a full tail would be a deadly weapon in its self. 




    Very nice shot and sharp detail. Scrolling though the critique forum it immediately grabbed my attention. Well done. 



    I agree with Christine. I prefer your picture Wide Eye because you can see that the cat has some expression on his face which makes you wonder what he is looking at. There is no mystery or story in the picture Head shot. Hope this helps.



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