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  1. <p>I haven't been on here in a long while.<br>

    I have a 6x9 galvin 2x3. I have two lens boards a Zeiss Sonnar 180mm 4.8 and a Schneider Super angulon 5.6. It need a new home.<br>

    Any idea what all this might be worth?<br>




  2. <p>I need to ramp up my PS skills. I know there are Boutwell, Kubota, Yervant actions and other than writing my own, any others you might suggest?</p>





    MODERATOR NOTE: Website "signature" to post removed as per Photo.net policy.

  3. Thanks everyone. It's a bit more revealing than just bra and panties. They all have a harder edge with a disclaimer on the intro page. I would not consider it porn by internet standards, but they are more nudes than sexy clothing. I say implied but not explicit, but that it a relative term. It more explicit than what Jessica C does for sure.If it was a movie, it would be rated a Hard R.


    I don't have a problem using a separate domain, I just don;t want to be branded some perv should my customers search on my name. I had pretty good success doing this some years back but my bread and butter comes from weddings. This is a vertical market only and just don't want to risk my main business.


    I like to do it because it's fun for all and I'm pretty good at it for what it is. It';s a creative diversion for me from the same old / same old I shoot every Saturday night. Not a huge profit center for me and never was. The style seemed to be pretty popular and not what you typically see. It's closer to Playboy in it's content than Sports illustrated swimsuit. Some are full frontal nudity but nothing that is overtly sexual to my eye anyway. Others may feel differently and that is the risk.


    The site is built and ready to go live. I have been holding off launching it because of these questions.

  4. I'm considering a vertical market in Boudoir/Nude photography. I have done this in the past but never a site

    dedicated to this type of work.


    1. How do people search on google for this?


    City Name nude

    City Name Boudoir


    I know that one time when I had a partial site up the URL was blocked by some firewalls. People could not

    actually get to my wedding work on this domain because of it. That is why I am considering a separate domain and

    limited use of the word nude in my text.


    Do people know how to spell Boudoir?


    Where to advertise these types of services?


    Will my wedding customers think twice about hiring me if they know I do this kind of work?

  5. Well, thanks Steve. Dallas/Ft worth is a large area, if you combine the 9th largest city in the US and the 18th largest city in the US, it's a population around 6 million . Some days, I think there are 7 million wedding photographers. :) We have some really fine photographers here and our brides have MANY great choices.


    Thank you Art, 12" Mac is a perfect test. Some of the images are just place holders during the build and you are exactly correct, they are pixelated.


    Looks like the site is cross browser compatible, so I'll start finishing it today. Thanks everyone.

  6. yeah wordy this time Steve and I corrected and tested the Meta tags, SE's "should" love me a bit more even if brides don't read it. It's SE fodder. I'm on page 2 or 3 in Google now for my keyword and when Goggle spiders again I hope to get listed a bit higher with the new site. We'll see.


    Slideshow Pro for the galleries David, works fine for me.


    I think I need to make a trip to the Mac store and surf it. Thanks Ronald for looking. The tables are about 920x650 and images @ 900x530 to allow for the menus. There is no resizing of browsers going on and no full screen pop up either. I'm trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator here and still have a workable site. Not always an easy trade off as we all know. Thanks for the feedback.



  7. Thanks guys.


    I left Blu and this time for good. It's my understanding that Blu did their own hosting at one time. Now it's outsourced. I had several people complain about my site and it's speed even though my images were optimized. If that's the speed of the database calls or the pipe or what, no clue, but some of Blu's sites are just painfully slow.


    Not too long ago, I posted on here for a site review on my Blu template, some could not see my Blue site at all and other said is was waaay slow, others said it was fine. That was finally enough for me. In any case, I moved my domain and all the speed comments have been positive so far and everyone can see my site.


    I have a hosting plan with uplinkearth.com. I have had them since 2002. They are very reliable with my other domains, so I put my site on there. Seems fine to me and live tech support 24-7 unlike Blu, which is email only. Harald tries hard I think, but some of this is out of his hands now.


    I also tried to move my Blu template but my host said they would not host it because the network would be vulnerable. That's a shame because Blu has some nice templates and I own two. I had considerable downtime with BLU, seems either email or the whole website was down from time to time for no reason. I had to check almost daily to make sure the site was up.


    I didn't have great luck with Blu, but others seem to have no issues. I'm happy now with my new host and wish Blu the best of luck.

  8. Thanks Ronald.


    I'm on a PC, I downloaded Safari for PC to test and it looked fine (except the known font anti aliasing issues). But, If someone could hit the site on a Real Mac and real Safari and make sure everything is all lined up, that would be helpful.


    Cross browser testing = Ugh

  9. I have been with bludomain for a while, I had the rockstar 27 template and the George template. Both were just

    waay too slow. so I changed hosts tossed up an html/flash site this week instead and it seems much faster to me.


    Site is not 100% finished as of this posting, but thought I might capture some feedback along the way.




    The site fits fine on my laptop at 1280x800 @ 14" but that's a widescreen resolution. I'm uncertain if it all

    fits at 1024x768 on a 4:3 notebook. If someone could comment on that,I would appreciate it.(my other monitor is

    1900x1280 @ 24" and everything fits on that monster).


    Does it load fast?

    Does is fit on your screen?




  10. I wonder... what happens to the ettl on the slave flash if you are bouncing the main and have the flash head

    down on the remote?


    I wonder what happens if you set the master not to fire and use the slave as a main light source. Or just turn

    your master to fire backwards. How about bouncing the master and direct flashing the slave?


    What about distance information?Maybe my assistant is within a foot of the subject and I'm 30 feet away with the

    master. That "d" info that was transmitted would be at 30 feet not 1 foot where the slave is located.


    I have more than enough PW's, and use them often in manual but having ettl on stick lights might make life simpler.


    Maybe these are questions for Kevin but thought I might ask here for some input.

  11. I have some pocket wizards for 2 remote flashes, a 580ex and an sb80.


    These won;t fire even from the PW itself. I can put the same PW on my Quantum t2d or the white lightings and they

    work fine.


    Any ideas why they won;t work on these smaller strobes? The connectors are new.




  12. What custom functions do you use on the 580 for the fastest recycle with this combo and what batteries recycle

    this flash the fastest in the cp-e3? I have the older 580.



  13. Thanks. I'm trying to get away from bricks if I can help it. I've been shooting quantum turbos and a Digital camera battery. I don;t find the DCB to last as long as I would like. I have the 40w DCB and can't get through a complete wedding with it anyway so I was thinking going cp-e3 and 16's AA's and loose some weight.


    Another problem I have with the Turbos are those cords seem to fail all the time.

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