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    Women in Cart


    While on the way to Jaipur, we ran across these women in a camel

    cart. There seemed not to be many cars; mostly buses, animal driven

    carts, and trucks. India is a fascinating country; diverse and

    interesting. The women wear beautifully colored fabrics that

    contrast sharply with the browns and earth tones that seem to


  1. Taken shortly after sundown. The souk transformed in about an hour

    from snake charmers, peddlers, etc. and into a "movable feast" of

    individual, small dining establishments. Every night, each table is

    setup, food is cooked and served, and then the tables are taken down

    and carted away.



    I visited Spain two years ago and attended my first bullfight while

    visiting friends in Madrid. I was impressed by how impassioned the

    Spaniards were with the whole thing. There was a very specific

    process, timetable of events, and determined outcome. Here, a very

    well known and respected matador thrusts the sword through the bull;

    just between it's shoulder blades. The bull capitulated shortly

    thereafter. Quite an experience.



    While walking on the main thoroughfare of a small town in the Atlas

    Mountains of Morocco, I noticed this teenage girl standing in a

    backyard about 75 feet from the road. She was completely unaware of

    me or the hustle and bustle.

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