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    In the early mornings I love to take my camera in my kayak. I knew where these frogs were and the light was favorable. I took this with my 80-400 mm Nikon zoom at 400 mm f 5.6. It was a lucky catch as this is the old version of the 80-400 lens. Great glass, lousy AF.


    Thanks for the nice comment!!!



  1. Pierre,


    Thank you!!!




    The 18-200 on my D300 has served me well as an all around lens when I have to choose one to carry with me easily, but it has it's drawbacks, especially at the longer end. I love my 105 macro, which is also excellent for portrait shots. I have no experience with the 40mm macro and I guess it depends on what you are interested in shooting. I have a 30mm Sigma f1.4 that is excellent as a "standard" lens on the DX body. Browse the discussions in the Nikon forum about your possible choices and you'll get a lot of good information.



  2. Leslie and Mike,


    This was truly a "picture perfect" spot. The view of the falls lends itself to a natural composition. As far as the water "flowing", I have experimented over the years with how to get this effect and I had to do this with no tripod, but I found a railing to rest the camera on for the slow shutter speed.


    Mike, the Big Island is an incredible place for photography. You should go!



  3. Kathy,


    Thank you! This garden on the east side of the Big Island is really incredible. I came unprepared. I had my D300 and the "walk-around" 18-200mm Nikon lens that I bought 8 years ago with the camera. There were gorgeous flowers but the light was low and I should have had my 105 mm Macro lens. Anyway, I was able to get a few good shots in a visit that was too short.


    Woody and Mike,

    Thank you so much!



  4. Pierre,


    Thank you! The water along the Kona coast is gorgeous and changes frequently with the light. There are so many great opportunities for photographers there!!!




    Yes, we did get in some snorkeling and I actually was able to swim about 100 feet with a green sea turtle within arms reach. Pretty awesome!!!



  5. Mike,

    Thanks! I've been pleased to see the new format and the ability to upload larger image files.

    I'm just getting a feel for navigating the new version and so far, so good.

    I have to say that having you respond so quickly was really great.

    I'll keep up with the site, but it may be a bit sporadic as I am still pretty busy.

    Looking at the Nikon forums as well to learn as much as I can.

    I'll most likely upgrade to a D500 as I love my D300 but it is out of date.

    Do a lot of bird in flight shooting.

    Makes the new Nikon 200-500 zoom look interesting as well as the price is pretty reasonable.

    Thanks for the heads up!


  6. Kathy and Mike,


    Thank you! These falls are just 17 miles north of my home and it was cold! I am completely amazed at the quality of the images from this iPhone 6 Plus. My friends have the newer 7 Plus and the low light capabilities are really incredible. No need for a separate "snap shot" camera if you have one of these with you.




    Kathy and Mike,

    Thank you! We did have a great trip and it allowed me the time to get back into photography which was a real plus.

    The Big Island of Hawaii is a treasure for photography...and many other great things, like food:-)


  7. Lynne,


    Thank you!!! Honestly, I just loved the sky. This road has so many gorgeous photo opportunities. I have many images from this trip to work through.


    Thank you for your suggestions!



  8. Mike,


    Thanks! My wife took this on our last evening of the vacation. I am still completely amazed at the quality of the images you can get with this phone. The iPhone 7 is even better. You really don't need a separate snapshot camera if you carry one of these.



  9. Mike, thanks!!! We spent three weeks on the big island in November and December. What an incredible place!!!


    Have been away for awhile due to work. I'll be spending more time here as I head toward retirement later this year.


    Hope all is well with you!!!



  10. Mike,

    Thanks!  This is old, from 2008.  My wife and I are giving a wedding gift to a local couple who love the woods and they wanted this printed on canvas. I have printed one other image through the CanvasPop service here so I worked on both of these again in processing in the hope that I could order the print like I did with the other one.  The prices are very reasonable and the quality is good.

    This image looks so much better on my MacBook Pro with the retina display, but we'll see how the canvas print comes out.

    We have had a very busy summer away and I'm just back to work.

    I always appreciate your comments...hope all is well with you and your family!


    Sandhill Crane 2



    Thanks!  These birds have a prehistoric quality.  Anyway, couldn't pick the background here and when I look at this one again, should have cloned out that branch behind the beak.

    Hope to see more this year,


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