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  1. <p>Wow...just had a few minutes to look these over. Howard, the snow was truly beautiful but not welcome:-)<br>

    Tony, yes we got more than you...congratulations:-)<br>

    I enjoyed all of the images this week. Loved the trout and the locomotives.<br>

    I don't get the time to spend here, at least as much as I'd like. Sure glad Matt is the host...love his enthusiasm, advice and images.<br>

    Have a great Easter!</p>

  2. <p>Thank you, John P!<br /> Thank you, Laura for hosting this thread, which is a pleasure to view each Monday.<br /> There are so many great shots here, but I have to say that Rick Bortnick's image is unique and incredible.<br /> Shun's gulls made me smile...unique shot.<br>

    Marcel's crocuses give me hope...gorgeous!<br>

    Anyway...it is finally warming up in upper Michigan...48 degrees today...a welcome change.<br /> What a nice collection of images!<br /> Thank you...everyone!<br /> Dick</p>

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