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Image Comments posted by phil_burt

    MCP_Week_10 copy


    This was shot on a white backdrop using a gel to get the tan color.

    Processed using Topaz and Photoshop to achieve the look and feel I

    wanted. The faint lines all over are of course indicative of an Etch-

    A-Sketch from days gone by.



    An Abandoned house was open to take a pic. This is what I found. I lit it

    with a single Nikon SB-900 speed light. Thw windoes provided a lot of light

    except in the corner where this flag was sitting.

    The is an HDR of 7 shots.

    Thank you for looking.

    Frosty Morning


    This photo really works for me. It gives me the feeling that I wish I lived there. The composition is good and the contrasts are really good.. I also like the touch of the framing that you did with this one.

    phil b

    benton, ky

  1. This was a photo that at first could have been a throw away. Very badly exposed (snow), but I liked the composition so I worked with it using Photoshop and came up with a Photo that I really like.

    Please take the time to give me a critique on this one.

    Thank you, phil b

    benton, ky

  2. He is always so cooperative when it comes to getting his picture taken. I was playing around with flash, I used 1 SB-600 and 1 SB-900 and triggered them wirelessly using the transmitter/receivers from Alien Bees(Paul Bluff). 

    Jake is 10 years old.

    phil b

    benton, ky



    Antonio, You have a beautiful scene here. One that makes this village inviting to want to visit. By having the light it draws you to the middle of the scene and takes your mind inside.

    Very Good.

    phil b

    benton, ky

  3. Melissa, You have captured a memory for sure. The people in this photo are in love and it shows. The absolute freshness of her smile along with his happy grin are perfect. The tonal qualities here work just right with them being in a pasture somewwhere.

    Beautiful photo.

    phil b

    benton, ky

  4. Mr. David Culp is the leader of a local Gospel/Bluegrass Family Band here in Western Kentucky.

    I used a flash for this but most of the light comes from overhead stage lighting. I am glad that they turned off the magenta lights they normally use as I can't seem to get the exposure correct when they are used.

    The post process included Photoshop in cropping, and cleaning up the dark background from extraneous light.

    Thank you for taking time to look and I hope that some will leave comments.

    phil b

    benton, ky 

  5. Made this image at a concert in Benton, KY. It started off being a very dark photo, one that I thought was not good. Then I went in Photoshop and made it totally dark except the hands and Banjo and I started to like it.

    The performer in the dark is Jason McKendree from The Josh Williams Band.

  6. One of my favorites. This is from Halloween and I had hay bales set up so parents could get a photo of their child done. We done this at our church for free.

    Very minor photoshop work done as well as minor cropping.

    Full late afternoon sun with some flash provided.



    I realize that this portrait isn't a normal studio one but it is what I have.

    As a Senior that is also pretty much a beginner I am really proud of this


    Very little was done in Photoshop. Some cropping, some enhancement

    and some lightening of her face is all.

    My wish for this photo is that I could have taken it where there was more

    contrast where her hat is.

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