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  1. <p>Thank you to all that replied or looked at this. I am studying it and will make some decision. I did just find out that Fuji has added a 120mm Macro 1:1 to their lineup. This is on the Fuji page. Indicated that it could be out soon but no numbers as to the price yet. Seeing it is a prime that means it could be very useful for other stuff. More than likely I will wait to see what it is all about, I am sure it will be more than I care to spend unless the other uses make it a good purchase.<br>

    Thanks again.<br>

    phil Burt</p>

  2. <p>Good Morning,<br>

    Trying to get to do a little Macro on the cheap as I doubt I will do much. I shoot with a Fuji XT-2 and have several lenses. (10-24mm - 56mm - 18-135mm). If I remember correctly Canon makes a magnification filter that can go on just about anything? I am wanting to get some opinions on using this vs Extension Tubes. I can get 2 tubes for the XT-2 for about $170.00+ and I am guessing the Canon filter is near that same price. Fuji does make a 60 mm Macro which gives 1/2 life size but that lens is about $600.<br />All I want to do is play a little if I like it I may go for the lens (there is rumors another Fujii macro is on the way).<br />Thanking you all in advance for any opinions.<br>

    phil burt<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  3. <p>I was a second shooter in a wedding here a couple of weeks ago and we got into the discussion about "White Balance" Now when I am being paid by the main Photographer I do as they wish, I want to say that right up front.<br />My questions is and we discussed this just before the wedding and that is use "Auto White Balance" or set one on the "K" scale and leave it alone.<br />MY thoughts are as one moves around the church/reception hall the lighting changes and so does the white balance. When near a window, then near the overhead lighting it changes.<br /> There was no flash allowed in the church so everything was dependent on the Church's lighting which was mixed in ceiling and wall fixtures and of course ambient light from windows and doors.<br /> Is there any hard fast opinions out there. We were both shooting Nikons, my friend a D610 and myself a D800 and ALL shots were raw then would be developed in LR & PS CC.<br />I say "THANK YOU" to all in advance for taking your time to read and give a response should you have one.<br>


    benton, ky</p>

  4. <p>Thank you all for your responses, it sure has given me something to think about.<br>

    I just "Want" to upgrade my lenses to Nikon and wish I had done that from the beginning. The 2 Sigmas I have are very fine lenses and I would only expect a small difference in the prints that I make.<br>

    One reason is I have been an amateur photographer most of my life and now at age 70 I may be getting close to the end as my eyes are starting to fail. I do have macular degeneration and it is making this difficult.<br>

    So where I may only have a few good years left I want the best I can afford to round out my years of doing this.<br>

    After reading all the responses I am opting to change up to the Nikon 24-70 and the Nikon 70-200. I went over my shots in LR and seen that 95% of all my shots are with these two lenses.<br>

    Thanks again for your time to answer and give your opinions, I do appreciate it.<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  5. <p>I am considering purchasing the 70-200 F2.8 Nikon lens, I currently use a Sigma 70-200 f2.8. I currently use a Nikon D800 body. I do various types of photography some of which include a small studio set up. I do seniors, Families and some concert photography. I love landscapes as well. I want to add that I am a retired person that just loves photography and most of what I do is for personal satisfaction, occasionally I do have paying clients.<br>

    Occasionally I do venture outdoors and see where others I know that have the range of a 400mm lens are able to capture the subjects that I can't.<br>

    What my concerns are is I do want the versatility and image producing of the 70-200 and wonder what I will be giving up if I did select the 80-400. Will I still be able to use the 80-400 in the studio and get as good of results as the 70-200?<br>

    No way possible I could have both.<br>

    Other lenses that I have are a 12-24, 85, 100.<br>

    One last concern has anyone read that either of the Nikons 24-70 or 70-200 will be coming out with new models of these lenses.<br>

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and if you have an opinion I Thank you even more.<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

    <p> </p>

  6. <p>I guess that I am one of the lucky (or Normal) ones. I bought my D600 in November 2012 and I got a good one. The owner of the camera store (Allen Camera, Bucks County, PA) told me his D600 had already been back 2 times but he had sold about 10 D600 from a new batch sent to him with no one saying they are having any problem at all.<br>

    To say I never had any dust of course would be silly as I use it outside. I have blown out the sensor area many times with a Grittos Rocket and it always cleaned it up perfectly.<br>

    I am now a touch over 15,000 on my shutter count. Because of this notice I just inspected my sensor and yup a little dust, blew it off and looks like a beauty. I do see some real small spots in the upper right corner but very faint when looking at it through my lighted loupe so maybe another 5,000 clicks and I will give it a wet cleaning unless I spot more.<br>

    I am extremely happy with my unit. A couple of months ago I did have a slight problem with it and took it to the shop so they could look at it, wound up being a bad SD card and contacts needed cleaning on lens, but it made some funny stuff happen that I had never seen before.<br>

    Anyway, unless something happens I'm with Shun on this one, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I will be keeping a close eye on this as the warranty for this replacement advances to see if I do have a problem crop up in the future.<br>

    My only concern and it is small is I am sure the D600's value for resale or trade in will take a big hit. I doubt that will mean too much to me as unless Nikon comes out with something so good I will use this until there isn't much left in it at all. I do not like the 36 mp on the D800 and the D4s is only a dream if I would hit a lottery or something so this old boy is happy with what I have.<br>

    I do feel sorry for those that did get bad copies.<br>


    benton, ky</p>

  7. <p>Thanks to ALL of you. The funny thing is it is almost what I wanted to hear. I do think my present gear is just fine and yes maybe a little GAS crept in.<br />Love the idea about some stuff for my studio. I do need at least one roller, I use "C" stands and I would benefit by that. And a 2' x 4'(5) softbox could be added. I have a large one as well as an octagon and a 24" square one. <br />I just recently got into printing my own stuff and got a 13x19 Epson Printer R3000. Most of the prints that I do I give away either free or very cheap and it fits the bill perfectly.<br>

    I really like all the suggestions, Thanks again .... I think I know which route I am now taking.<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  8. <p>Good Morning, Hope that all had a Happy Holiday Time and you are looking forward to 2014 to be Happy and Healthy.<br>

    Christmas was good to me and it left me with a couple of decisions, if in fact I do anything.<br>

    Got some money, not a lot but enough for this.<br>

    I currently own a Nikon D600 - zero issues from the start with any dust or oil. I have about 8,000 clicks on it now. I also in my array of lenses own a Sigma 24-70 f2,8 (full frame nothing wrong with lens, about 5 years old), Sigma 70-200 f2.8 (full frame nothing wrong with lens, about 5 years old). I do have other lenses but they are not in this thought process.<br>

    1. Get a new Nikon D800 or "E"<br>

    2. Upgrade 24-70 to Nikon Glass<br>

    3 Upgrade 70-200 to Nikon Glass<br>

    4. Do nothing and save the money for maybe when one goes bad???<br>

    I am an amateur and take a variety of shots. I do have a small studio but mostly use a Nikon 85 1.4 lens for that. My studio work in only for those that can not afford a regular photographer, I am retired and just give back.<br>

    Thanking you all in advance,<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

    <p> </p>

  9. <p>Hi,<br>

    Thought I would give a follow up to a question I asked a couple of weeks back. It was about getting a wide angle lens for my Nikon D600. I had mainly asked about the Nikon 16-35 but I was looking for alternatives due to the cost and my budget.<br>

    I got back very good answers to which I am very thankful for. After looking at all of them I settled in for the Sigma 12-24. It fits me perfectly and I am happy for the choice. I am sure like most things there are better lenses out there but I could afford this easily buying new. I have had a chance to use it and am extremely happy with the shots that I got from it.<br>

    So, Thank you all again for your assistance in helping me choose.<br>

    Phil B<br>

    Benton, KY</p>

  10. <p>First, I want to say Thank you to ALL that answered. Even if the one you spoke about was way over budget..... which I must stick to.<br>

    Anyway, I have it narrowed down to the 16-35 from Nikon and I have been getting some personal replies for the 18-35 from Nikon which is much cheaper and I am sure not as good of a build but is said to be ultra sharp.<br>

    Hopefully someone in class will have these and I can try one out before deciding. I do understand that a used 16-35 is hard to come by.<br>

    Thanks again ....<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  11. <p>I shoot with a Nikon D 600 .... absolutely love it no oil/dust issues other than normal stuff.<br>

    Anyway this year I will in school be taking up Architectural photography and I am thinking that I need a wide angle lens to round my lenses out.<br>

    I currently have a Nikon 50 1.8, Nikon 85G 1.4, Sigma 24-70 2.8, Sigma 70-200 2.8. <br>

    What I am thinking of getting is a Nikon 16-35 f.4 lens for the wide end. This lens puts me at the top of my budget.<br>

    Any suggestions?<br>

    As always Thank You in advance for reading.<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  12. <p>Stephen, I received my D600 at Thanksgiving time not long after it was released and loved every minute of using it. It is very easy to have people get on a band wagon about any camera that there is. As far as being hampered by the close gathering of the focus points, not at all as I always only use one when using auto but most times I am using manual focus. If there was only one point it would not bother me. It is so easy to move around to grab the place you want it to be.<br />As far as issues with QC I haven't seen any. I have the cleaning equipment for doing the sensor but have not had to use it, not even once. I did think I was close to it but a couple of hard puffs from the Grottos Rocket took care of it. I of course have blown the sensor several times due to dust but most of it I am sure has come from changing a lens in the field, something I have had to do with every camera I have owned. I am sure that at some point I will have to clean it, no big deal at all.<br>

    INHO the D600 has proven to be a very strong full frame camera and for the price I would buy again in a New York minute.<br>

    Have fun with your images and if you do get the D600 I'll bet you will love it.<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  13. <p>Here is a shot I took of Jim Lauderdale at The Ryman Auditorium, the Original Grand Old Opry in Nashville, TN on July 11th<br>

    Used my Nikon D600 and Sigma 70-200 @ f4.0, 1/250, iso3200 no flash<br>

    Thanks for looking,<br>

    phil b</p><div>00br4G-541545384.jpg.ed629ee3006f5da51d1666006c9a4c04.jpg</div>

  14. <p>No. 1<br>

    Spent a Morning with our Camera Club at a place called "Cabin Hill". The property has about 8 or so log cabin structures that have been collected and moved here over the years. Once in place artifacts were added and then left as is. One could spend a week here and not see half of what is available.<br />Out of the images I took I like these 3 the best. The colorful one was taken on the surface of a small pond. I did enhance the colors but did not add any. The magenta was there somewhere hidden and then brought out.<br>

    Thank you for viewing,<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p><div>00be9O-537267584.jpg.aab29aa9573008c2977d185680a4a7d5.jpg</div>

  15. <p>I had no idea on how to pick a category so I closed my eyes and choose this one.<br>

    Anyway, I am looking to find out if the are Casters for my Avernger "C" Stands. I have 3 stands but would really like one of them to have the ability to roll around.<br>

    I have found them for typical tripod stands but not the C stands.<br>

    Any ideas?</p>

    <p>Thank you in advance,<br>

    Phil B<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  16. <p>Arun, Don't let the internet ruin your image taking. As stated they was some dust on the sensor. Got mine in December and had a little to deal with. Used the sensor clean function, used a rocket blower several times and all gone. I still will need the Gottos rocket blower from time to time as I sometimes need to change my lens outside. I did have one shoot, with my D90 2 years back that caused me a lot of trouble ..... had a line about 1/2 inch long and ruined a lot of images. I did use photoshop[ to save them. It was a cat hair. I had changed the lens out back and our cat was near so I think I picked it up there. Maybe someone should start an internet bashing on Nikon on how cat hair can get in and cause problems. lol<br>

    Anyway, if you think you like the D600 (I Love Mine), go get it and start having fun making images.<br>

    Good Luck!!<br>

    Phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  17. <p>Hi Mike,<br>

    I asked a question a day or two back about the Nikon 85 f1.8 also and after getting several answers I too ordered it. I will be using it with my D600 and am getting excited about it. At B&H they are backordered but I doubt that it will be too long for them to get in stock. I think the rebate ends last day of March so jump on it.<br>

    Good luck with your copy and have fun grabbing images.<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

  18. <p>Hoi,<br>

    To answer your question on how to remove them from your images is get a post production program. You may not need the full blown version of Photoshop CS6 but most can benefit from having at least Photoshop Elements.<br>

    I am sure there are other programs that will do this also, check around.<br>

    Post production is fun for me, maybe you will like it also, but be careful as if you do it won't be long before you decide you need CS6 or newer.<br>

    Have fun and take photos ....<br>

    phil b<br>

    benton, ky</p>

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