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  1. Many thanks for the very useful tips.

    I tried to find a local course, but they don't offer them here -"no demand..." unless I decide to do "A" level photography (full time) - which I used to teach in the days of film-based photography!

    I'll explore the use of the sliders as suggested.

    Thanks again. Boakesey

  2. This was very tricky to take as a spinal injury means I can no longer use SLRs or larger

    (heavier!) cameras, so I'm now having to cope with a hybrid - hence the Powershot Pro-1.

    Anyway, in the "old days" of film, I'd have dodged and burned the central glass area in

    order to see the detailing in the figures etc, but I'm not sure how to do this in PS, being a

    digital novice.

    I've attempted to take the shot without over-cooking the exposure on the stained glass,

    whilst still letting the stonework be visible. I liked the way the shapes in the glass

    complimented the shapes of the stonework, you see - that's why I took this particular


    I'm planning to crop the extreme LHS a bit when I print this up, but is there a way I can

    tweak just areas of the stained glass without the rest of the image being toned down as


    Any other criticisms etc are more than welcome - it's taking me a while to adapt from

    traditional methods to this new fangled digital world.

    Thank you.

    Saltburn Pier


    ....There's something not quite right with this image and I can't for the life of me put my

    finger on it, which is why I'd welcome your views - no pun intended.


    I liked the near-reflection of the cloud formation in the wet sands formed as the tide was

    going out and the fact that there was no-one on the beach apart from me, ensured the

    pristine condition of the sand as I walked along.


    Having said that, I'm not happy with this image, but am not sure what to tweak to improve it,

    so now it's over to you....

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