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  1. Brain - a while back you asked what could be done to improve

    photo.net and help take it to its next level of service. Part of my

    response mentioned good writing, with a personal feel much like

    Philip Greenspun had done when the site was a part of his own

    personal musings. Congratulations! Mike Johnston fits the bill very

    well and provides added incentive to visit these pages.

  2. I've always used the link "Editor's Corner" to look over and revisit

    Phillip Greenspun's material, and I've just noticed it has been

    eliminated through the redesign of the photo.net homepage. Further

    investigation shows me Brian Mottershead is now acting as editor. Is

    there any announcement posted on this "changing of the guard"

    status? As a long follower of this site (and Greenspun) I'm curious

    for a little "behind the scenes" info if possible. Thanks in advance.

  3. When the fall foliage prompts me to take pictures of trees, I like to lie on my back under the tree and shoot straight up the trunk. Another way is to focus on a branch that is pointing towards the camera - and again shoot into the tree. Otherwise, shoot the tree against other trees.


    If you try to stand back and fit a single whole tree into the frame, it will look flat.

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