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  1. This topic may not belong here... but has anyone studied people's response to colour? I just love colour.. but I'm wondering is this like a child's like of candy... ie an immature response to art (I'm new to photography, and I've always been a techie, not an artist, but I'm working on that:)


    There is something about Jaap's photos that I find amazing... I think it's the colour and the symmetry. I just *love* them.

  2. Good start, keep trying and posting stuff here. You may be on to a good idea .. old camera, young person etc, but there is nothing particularly remarkable about this particular photo for me.
  3. Had a look at your folder... some really great shots there. I hope to have a D100 soon which will give me a lot more control over exposure (the DC290, is really just a P&S)... although having heard the stories about dust & the sensor it may not be the best environment for this camera.

    Still... I guess you'll never get a really great photo unless you are willing to punish your equipment.

  4. It's probably the shape of it -- it's just not a

    traditional lighthouse design.


    The red at the top of the lighthouse is very saturated, which I like, but I'm wondering if this would work better if there wasn't so much cloud in the sky ... ie a darker deeper blue to contrast with the saturated red (?) BTW: I'm using a LCD screen -- so it just might be my monitor.

    Hot Dogs

    This is a very funny photo. It looks like you scanned a print -- it's got that washed out look. If you can somehow scan the original negative/slide it might liven it up a bit. Also the lighting appears to be very hash ... if you can't avoid that, it sometimes help to set your flash to fill mode to remove the strong shadows.
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