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    Marc, this is my favorite of your color photos. It has some similar framing and compositional elements as my favorite B/W image you took on the Alvord playa. I totally envy your freedom to travel and wait and watch and dream! These desert areas are fantastic, amazing textures, color and clouds like this combine so beautifully. Best wishes for an amazing winter 2009, Marc. -Kurt


    Hey Rick, awesome! It's like flames or spattering lava. I wish I could have come up to Oregon this month but there wasn't time. You should go visit the Japanese Garden if you can. Those maples are amazing, and your autumn photos still inspire me more than you know. -Kurt

    Fairy Cap

    Charles, is this a datura flower? The five points look familiar. Does this flower have fragrance? It's quite lovely and you did a fine job! -Kurt

    Great Beyond

    Hey Marc, I must admit that the faint warm glow from the moon below the horizon is nice, I think it makes the composition. You've nearly created your own planetarium where the moonlight appears to light up the ceiling and everything in it. This makes the celestial infinity much more accessible to the viewer. I agree with your admonition to view the image from a dark place because you have quite a low-light exposure. I'd like to offer a comment about the exposure technique. I've found that ISO 3200 does the job, but at 40 seconds, the cost continues to be trailing of the stars at anything other than wide angle. Your sharpening and noise-reduction work is good but I'll also add that you are an excellent artist, so don't stress about the scientific precision of your sky.
  1. This is an interesting photo. You must have had an assistant take this. I love trying to figure out how people take shots like this without getting injured (trying to set a timer and wade over jagged rocks, for example)! I'm imagining this photo where the "model" is facing the other direction so that sunlight is on his face rather than looking away in shadow, but it's a nice composition.

    Narnia Lamp

    I was thinking the same as Stephen, yet the foot prints give some life to the scene albeit some disorder. It's a delightful composition full of interesting shapes. -Kurt
  2. Thank you for your comment. Because this is HDR, it is a combination of five separate images covering a range of exposures. This allows for a more balanced range of light and dark. It should not be attempted when things are moving around a lot (like here) but I was just experimenting. It is, however, a way to take photographs like this without using a flash! Do a google search for "HDR" and you can learn more.


    Hey Matthew, I thought you were brothers :) The symmetry of the poses is great. I'm not much of a people photographer, so I enjoy seeing what people try to do and what the comments say. Usually you will find people pick about cutting off feet. I usually try to avoid highlights coming through the trees behind, but that's more of personal preference.

    Rocks and Moon

    Bela, of course I appreciate your suggestions. I think you know I am always jealous of the colorful moon image that you made. Perhaps what I can do is recreate this image differently so that the moon is not so contrasty. Or I can try something different with it. I liked the colors in this but we can play with things and see if you like it better :)
  3. The Milky Way and star trails along California's light-polluted coast in

    July (rare to have clear skies on summer nights). The bright lights are

    from a plane coming in for landing. The star trails are roughly five

    minutes long, not a particularly long exposure, but I was interested to

    see what the trails would look like.

  4. Yes, it looks great. I like your technique of concentrating on the polarized light of the lake for each frame. Since you were conscious of that, it's good you dealt with it. As for the sky, all I have ever read is that you should avoid a polarization filter if you intend to create a panorama since the dark blue will form a shape from side to side and be impossible to stitch correctly. With the lake, however, you succeeded, and at this resolution you seem to have stitched the sky frames quite well. It's really a cool shot, Jairo. I want to go there now :)
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