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  1. This is an interesting thread. I thought the point of receiving a "critique" was to learn from the sharp, unbiased "eye" of others who might have either a positive or negative evaluation of some technical or aesthetic aspect of your work. "NOW DO ME" is pathetic and self-debasing, the kind of behavior one sees from annoying five year olds tugging on your shirt, trying to get your attention. If you only want "compliments" or some meaningless gibberish, I guess you could say it "works" but who has time! The thing I respect about Ryan Watts is his willingness to comment in detail about what he sees and ask questions when he wants to learn from others. If only more people on PN were like him. As for my 2 cents, I suggest PN limit the number of anonymous 3/3 (etc) ratings, and possibly force you to leave a written critique explaining low ratings. That might slow the rating system to a grinding halt, though :(
  2. Hey Isaac, since I like to visit your PN site, I noticed your forum post here and agree with the various other comments. I bought my 20D with the 17-85mm kit lens and love it because of its very useful range for landscapes, and I am sure in some ways it is exactly like your 18-55. I have also found some irritating focus behavior but didn't want to commit to a higher priced lens since it's been a hobby and I have not sold many prints. I agree that you should at least purchase a 50mm prime lens. I have only heard good things about its speed, aperture range, focus sharpness, etc. I hate being constrained, so I refuse. Since you are doing so much studio work, you can get the feel very quickly for a fixed lens like that. On the other hand, I really like the effect you achieve with wider angle settings. You might ask here or do some homework looking for a good 28mm (or whatever your preference is) lens in addition to a good 50mm.


    I upgraded a few weeks ago to Canon's really pricey 24-105mm 77mm lens, and it really lets in a huge amount more light, and there is a noticeable quality difference. I know everything is money. You do such great work, it's worth it. I hope you have a great new year.

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