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  1. <p>Anne:<br>

    I've owned 2 Nikon D70 bodies for about 4 years and have not experienced any CF card issues. As everyone else has stated I also use good quality CF cards from Sandisk (Ultra II 256 MB and 512 MB) and Lexar (Professional WA 256 MB, Professional UDMA 1GB and Professional UDMA 2GB) without issue. The cards have traveled with me a humid as well as arid climates without any ill effects.</p>

  2. Mark:


    I just started shooting RAW myself with my D70 and do like the range of possibilities for post production. I use Photoshop Elements 5.0 for processing. However I do agree with William that it takes a considerable amount of time to convert the files to be shared. I recently shot 340 pictures at a local bike race on 06/05/08 and am still going through the conversion process. So my answer would be for speed from shutter release to sharing use JPEG. If you have the time and want more options post shutter release then use RAW. Hope this helps.


    Enjoy your trip



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