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  1. I took some wedding photos on St. Patties Day. My sister wears glasses. I

    tried my best to move around not to get a light flash from her glasses. I used

    a bounch card on my flash. Think it was from the church lights....


    All but 10 was great. Can I Photoshop'em? I've somewhat tried...but no luck.


    I have Photoshop 7...still learning this software.


    Also is Photoshop CS much of an upgrade than 7?

    Also any Lightroom feedback??





    pic below

  2. I have Oly Evolt 500. I get this shadow(I presume it's from me) sometimes when

    I use the camera flash. I've only noticed on the 14-45mm lens. I also have

    the 40-150mm lens. It's always in this same place on the photo. It shows up




    here's a sample





  3. I saw two Brownies at a antique store yeasterday. Both have no flash with

    them,I think. They were in ok shape, alittle dirty. One was $20. the other $16.


    So my main question is, do you think they are a ok price? How hard would it be

    to fix them up.(i never have tinkered with camers). But would like the practice.

    Thanks for any info.


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