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  1. Great Idea Giuseppe! Count me in! I'm just a beginner, so my critiques obviously won't be the most knowledgable. I will most likely comment on other amateurs' photos and portfolios and give encouragement, and share with them some of the great things I have learned here on pnet. :) I'm not sure how often I will be able to comment, as I am starting school next week. :( But I will try to do it as much as possible.



  2. Tom,

    I understand what you are trying to do, but honestly I don't think the administration will follow your advice. I'm not saying that because I have something against you, I'm just saying that the admins of this site are going to do what is best for them and this site. And I think it is highly unlikely that they will let a small amount of people influence their decision.



  3. Hey Tom,


    "It's not Just a name change.

    Nothing you currently do would be changed by what I've suggested."


    So if it's not just a name change, what is it? How can it not just be a name change if nothing is changed?


    Personally I like a good discussion. If you were to choose a photo randomly from the TRP all you'd be getting are 'good jobs' etcetera etcetera for comments.


    Most images submitted to the critique forum are discussion worthy. Sure, with some of them (mine included) improvements to the photo are all that can be mentioned, and there might not be much debating. Personally, trying to read everything in the current POW forum, gets pretty tiring. Just joking. I learn a lot from those discussions.


    I like the way the current POW runs. I think the elves do a good job picking photos, and they also do a good job changing up the genre every once in a while. I think it would be nice if there was a new Featured portfolio once in a while, but thats off topic.



  4. Why does it matter what the name is. The purpose is to have constructive critism on a very interesting photo. In my opinion, the constructive critism can still happen, no matter what we call it. The POW is just like any photo uploaded to photo.net (in that it has the opportunity to get commented on), except that it is highlighted on the photo.net homepage, so it gets a lot more coverage.


    I don't like the idea of choosing the 'PFD', or whatever you want to call it from the TRP. The image isn't neccesarily one of the most beautiful photos or one that was rated highly. Its just a nice photo that is interesting enough that it promotes discussion. If you choose the POW from the TRP, then the photos that are submitted for critique only, or never submitted for critique at all, will never have a chance to be showcased.


    Just my $0.02.



  5. Yann,

    You say that when you are offered a subscription, that you recieve an email. Well...I got one and didn't find out about it until I looked at my member page and saw the subscriber icon beside my name. Now I am really confused. Brian..any help on this issue is appreciated. I realize that this is the wrong place to bring up my concerns, but I tried posting a thread soon after the subscription was given to me, and I got no response.





  6. You have to submitt a photo for critique. Either click options under the single photo, or click 'request a critique on one of your photos' in your workspace, or go to the critique forum, and click 'post critique request'. <br><br>


    To view the photos submitted for critique: Click on Gallery, then go to either rate recent to rate photos anonymously (you won't see your photos cause you can't rate your own), or click on critique forum where you can view the photos most recently submitted for critique. Click on the individual categories on the right to view photos by category.<br><br>


    All this and more is viewable in the FAQ <a href="http://www.photo.net/frequent-questions">here</a>

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