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    Speed Brakes On


    This segull is in near vertical descent, trying to catch fish. I

    guess, the flapped feathers provide for enough eddies to ensure a

    speedy yet controlled descent, much like the speed brakes in



    Comments invited.

    soon a butterfly


    Please pardon my ignorance, but I do not even have the slightest idea

    which kind of butterfly this caterpillar will give. It looked quite

    poisonous however and it bent like a hedgehog when suspecting danger.

    Suggestions are welcome!

  1. The Lucerne Festival featured a number of outstanding classical

    concerts and a splendid display of fireworks, accompanied by music.

    This picture shows one variation of the blue/white emblem of Lucerne.

    Picture taken looking down from the Musegg conservatory (music school).

    sunlight and shadows




    In this picture you resisted the temptation of making a great bird photo just by taking a big bird picture. Although only little detail of the geese is given, the photo has a mood, and it tells a story. I like it very much!


    Max Erick

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