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  1. For those of you that didn't have the chance to witness this plendid

    eclipse on october 27th 2004. This is a composite from 6 photos with

    exposures ranging from 1/4000 to 2 sec.


    This is my second attempt at this sort of photography but the first

    one successful.


    As usual, comments/critiques appreciated...enjoy!

  2. During the summer of 2002, I went to Matane in Gaspésie (Québec) for

    2 days. The people living there are saying that they have the most

    beautiful sunsets in the province. What do you think?

    Comments/critiques welcome...thanks!

  3. I totally agree with Stephen's comment...the light level was so low that I choose to expose for the main subject (the landscape) knowing that the 1/2 moon would be overexposed. Besides, the moon is so small in the composition that I felt it wouldn't add anything to the photo if I had exposed it properly. Finally, I don't like to manipulate my photos with software. I just use it to clean my scans (dust/scratch removal) and proper color/contrast/sharpening balance to reflect my slides. Thanks to all for your comments...
  4. With my previous shot posted here titled "Autumn splash", I said

    that I encountered 2 seasons in one: autumn at the foot of the Mount

    and winter at the top. Standing at 3000 feet, this is the shot I got

    at dusk. Actually, I had to spend 2 evenings over there to get the

    shot that I wanted. As usual, comments/critiques


  5. Taken at the foot of Mt-Valin, Provincial Park (Quebec). When I went

    at the top near the end of the day, there was snow in the trees. 2

    seasons in one: autumn at the bottom and winter at top.

    Comments/critiques appreciated...

    Finnwood at dusk


    Being at a meeting all day long at Le Manoir Richelieu at Pointe-au-

    Pic (Quebec), I took a few minutes to have a little walk at dusk

    before an official supper. Luckily, I got there when the moon start

    rising. Proof that even when you're somewhere for business/work,

    always carry a camera with you. Any comments/critique appreciated...

  6. I just learned yesterday (Nov 24, 2003) that I won 1st price in the category "Un fleuve à conserver" on the photo contest for the magazine "L'Escale Nautique" (Quebec, Canada) that will be published in the winter edition 2003/2004. I won a mention as well. I say "another" because 3 weeks ago I won a 1st price as well for a photo posted here named: "Massif du Mt-Valin, Saguenay Lac St-Jean".


  7. Coming back from a meeting in Charlevoix, I stopped at Petit-

    Saguenay dockside and took few shots of an almost finished sunset.

    The long exposure made the clouds blurred like that.


  8. THIS IS A REPOST..."Do you like snowmobiles? This is the best place

    in our region because the season start early and finish late.

    There's record snow fall each year up there. As a matter of fact,

    snow precipitations are already started. This is a panoramique from

    2 slides taken at sunset (actually 180 degree from it) at around -30

    C. (-22 F.). Any comments/critique appreciated. Thanks!"


    I just won 1st price in the category "Parcs Nationaux & Reserves

    Fauniques" on the photo contest for the magazine "Geo PleinAir"

    (Quebec, Canada) published in the winter edition 2003. I won 2 other

    mentions as well.

  9. Taken at "Cap-au-Leste", Saguenay Fjord (Quebec)looking up to "Baie

    des Ha-Ha". I was standing on a small rock corniche suspended 300

    feet above water level. There was barely enough place to put down my

    tripod. Same sunset as the first shot posted here...just few minutes

    later. Any comments/critiques appreciated.

  10. Taken at "Cap-au-Leste", Saguenay Fjord (Quebec)looking up to "Baie

    des Ha-Ha".


    I was standing on a small rock corniche suspended 300 feet above

    water level. There was barely enough place to put down my tripod.


    Any comments/critiques appreciated.

  11. Is it warm? Is it cold? Is it both?


    Nice sunset taken near the Petit-Saguenay dock last summer. Oh! By

    the way...the level is just fine. This is another optical illusion.


    I like this kind of photos..it plays with your brain a little.


    What do you think? Any comments or ratings welcome.

    Mont Lac Vert


    Taken last fall, this photo is representative of the area...farming

    land. During the winter there's also a small ski resort on the

    background hills. There's a small village near by called Hébertville.


    Your input and ratings would be appreciated.

  12. To get to my hometown (Jonquiere) from Quebec City, one would have to

    drive across what we call the "Parc des Laurentides". This a 150 km

    road stretch crossing a boreal forest. As for human activities,

    there's nothing much except for some fishing/hunting lodges.


    This photo was taken the morning after a big snowstorm. The snow

    hanging on the trees gives a sense of texture, don't you think?

  13. Taken last summer on the North Coast (St-Lawrence River). This is

    the "Chapelle Ste-Anne" which is one of the oldest chapel (with

    Tadoussac) in the Quebec province. It was constructed in 1735.

    Any comments?

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