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  1. Dave...you're right about the K-type bayonet mount and Jill could use the older M-42 mount lenses with an adapter specialy made for that.


    As a matter of fact, I'm using all my M-42 mount lenses (including my Asahi 500mm f4.5) on my ist*Ds.

  2. I already tried a similar thing without success: I took the DS original JPG transfered on my computer, opened it with PS and saved it the same way without changing anything. It doesn't work!


    It seems that opening an original DS jpg and resaving it with whatever software change something either in the EXIF data or the heading.


    I really hope there is a solution to this problem...


    Thanks for your help anyway!

  3. Has someone tried to put back a JPG on SD memory card to be viewed

    on the LCD screen of the ist Ds?


    I have some big maps already in digital format (jpg) and I would

    like to be able to consult them as needed (in the field) on my ist

    Ds LCD screen. I tried to upload those maps (JPG) on my SD memory

    card with the same naming format as a JPG taken by the camera in the

    proper directory, but the camera tells me that it can't read those



    One thing have found so far...if I take a JPG with the camera,

    download it to my computer with the USB cable and upload it back to

    the card, it can be read by the camera without any problems. But as

    soon I try to put another JPG saved by any other programs, it

    doesn't work.


    Do you have a solution for this?



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