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    Keep going, you are getting closer. Noise is still a problem. Maybe bracket your exposures and then check the noise level. There is a free Community Noise program on the web that will help a little but you still have to try to lower your ISO and maybe overexpose. Then worry about Levels, and Curves (PhotoShop), after that work on your conversion technique. I offered to send you some info about B&W Conversion, and the offer stills stands. You have a great model so you have more than half the battle won. Actually, the shutters are not so bad, but you might try to use Depth of Field to your advantage and shoot with a wide aperture, and that would blur them a little.



    Ed, you have a great model, lots on innocense in your compositions, Use a tripod, and if you want there are lots of people on PhotoNet that will help you with B&W conversions (I'll send you some info if you like). Also, as stated above, noise, shoot at a lower ISO.

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