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  1. Update: I just developed a roll and no leaks. I covered the PC flash ports with foil and tape for this latest roll. I should have removed it for a couple of frames but didn't so I assume that is the problem. I exposed some frames on the 'bad' roll using my flash and these were unaffected with leaks so that is why I tried this.
  2. I did try this, and some were funky but not the same. I tried the flash gun approach to the flash connector and the meter switch (on) and didn't see anything. I can't remember how many shots I took with the Mamiya Sekor 135 (for Spotmatic II-SP-F) but that is the best choice so far. I use this camera often and have never had this problem and the Mamiya Sekor is fairly new (a gift). Thanks for this input.
  3. My Pentax Spotmatic which has been serviced in the last 5-6 years has developed a light leak. I would like to know what you think. It was on 7 frames this last roll. And it appears to be related to the shutter releasing as the leak is on solo frames with some bleed to the next frame. The horizontal band seem crazy as this camera has a vertical shutter. Thanks you in advance.



  4. Actually I do that too. Each image is edited by me AND my boss, when we decide he likes it then we send to the publishing staff. My concern is the publishing staff then does whatever they like to the image: this is goes way beyond the three examples you provided. But as I said I won't have this problem much longer. I remember reading the Henri Cartier-Bresson put a black border around each of his prints to protect them from unsolicited editing.
  5. <p>Thanks, all the CLAs were done in California and by different people. One was a curtain replacement. I do appreciate the curtain brake comment as I have something to at least tell the person that I send it to. You would think my IIIf was a beater, but I bought it 50 years ago and haven't even put a ding in it. To me it is a clean camera. Really the only problems I've had from it have been with the shutter.</p>
  6. <p>I agree, but I've done that once three times. Then I gave up. I have had the camera for 50 years and always have had it serviced regularly. For some reason now I can't get them to do anything but CLA. So maybe I'll let it sit until I go to LA for a stay and travel to their shop.</p>
  7. <p>I know this is a long shot, but I few years ago I had a shutter replaced on my IIIf. This was done in LA. I ended up sending it back and forth three times. I has never been right but now that I've cooled down, I would like it adjusted. I don't feel like dealing with LA again, so is there a repair person in the San Francisco Bay Area that could do this? Thanks in advance.</p>
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