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    giallo Mascagni


    Sorry for the English ...
    Thank you all for your comments sincerely appreciated!
    This photo has no history ... It was raining and I was in Livorno, Mascagni on the terrace was empty ... then suddenly came this person with the yellow umbrella ...
    The geometric composition of the floor, the skyline in the background and thebalustrade lanterns were too perfect! The human presence is in contrast to all this, butat the same time, in that position, opposite to lamp-posts, for me it was right! In ascene almost "perfect", the man breaks with his imperfection, the scene geometry, butbringing value and life in it. The world can be beautiful, but not perfect ... beauty lies in imperfection and frailty of human presence.
    There have to be a story in a picture ... can like it or not, and can be read andinterpreted in a unique way for each of us.
    Thank you very much and sorry for the delay! Only now I'm back and I saw all this.

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