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    In the wind

    Starvy? You cannot go wrong with a name like that! This image was taken so long ago in my living room. I guess I must have been bored and some type of experimentation was in order to rescue me from my utter boredom!


    Finally an image worth pondering upon! The conceptual element is so powerful that I almost don't care about any technical issues, not that there are any.


    Aside from all the technical issue others have brought up, I think thematically this is a very sound image. Just precious...


    I am not too keen on seeing the hair blown out of the frame. What was the point of using some fanning mechanism to show movement and then suppress it by cropping it out? I don't also find the image to be 'highly erotic' as someone mentioned above. It is more sensual than erotic but then again I am a woman! I see things differently!
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