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  1. Josh,


    I know that I am somewhat late to this discussion but here is my two cents anyways! Modelmayhem is not a place to learn about photography, In fact I am not even sure what MM is good for! It used to be a great networking site and it can still be if you have the time to purge through so much crap! A friend of mine who happens to be a great photographer once said: Giving credit to MM as a professional networking site is like giving credit to rooster for the sunrise!

  2. Thank you! I always wanted to bring one of my photo discussion threads with my lack of interest for ratings to a public forum. Although this is a very old thread but I know the rating issue is hot for some people around here and it will never get old!


    Actually I think the example you have brought here is a good example. I personally would like to thank Amar for his support of my work. I always look forward to read your comments and interpretations of my ideas.

  3. Tamara, it has happened to me too. I had a friend who emailed me just the other day to report various websites and weblogs outside of US who are using my images. Poetrycafe.weblog.com, vishare.com, almavazia.blogspot.com are just a few that I found when I did a search on my own name via google.com


    Now, I do register most of my images that I post online but I do not have the time to find out who these people are. And as someone else mentioned it is very costly to bring legal action against people who especially are not based in your own country. Copyright laws are very different from country to country.


    I suggest you do a search on your name in various search engines such as yahoo, google, and MSN to find out who is linked to you. make a list of those websites and start harrassing them ASAP! You must advocate for yourself since no one really gives a hoot out there. Good luck and email me if you have any further issues since I have been a vicitim for a while now.

  4. Guy, I must say as concerned as I am about pirates on the net I still agree with Bob. You must realize that the low resolution of the images posted on the web will somewhat decrease the chances of reproduction. They could reproduce them but the quality will be poor and anyone with minimal knowledge of image quality can tell. I personally have registered all of my images posted on the internet. I even have an article (Visual Artists Rights Act-Federal Law Title 17-Copyrights-section 106A) posted on my website.
  5. I am a good example of being retaliated against almost every time I post an image. I really do not care about low ratings and frankly the only time I ever take a rating seriously weather is low or high is when the person has taken the time to explain why.<BR>

    Remember who rates your images is far more important than what the rating itself represents. If I had someone with the capacity and vision of Diana Arbus giving me a low rating, I would be honored!


  6. True! I have noticed that I usually am getting the attention of those who do not like nudity. As if they are installing morals in me by giving a "Very Bad" to my images without any reasons! Oh well! We come to this world naked and we surely depart it naked as well! Get over it!
  7. Well...thank you all for the input. I personally like what I do and I take it very seriously. I am not here for anyone to cheer me on but at the same time I am not interested in foolish behavior. I believe if the admin wants people to support a site dedicated to photography then it should monitor it more closely. I am here to learn and possibly grow...I am just saying the whole "Request for Critique" is not an invitation for someone's idea of self amusement.
  8. I have noticed just like some of the other photo forums your site is

    starting to be crowded with menaces! People with no photo portfolio's

    of their own going around giving others who actually are trying some

    photography low ratings! Other sites are doing something about it and

    I think you should start that process as well.


    I really do not mind it if someone with a decent photographic history

    critiques my work with some valuable insight but I have been

    bombarded with fools lately!

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