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  1. This shot is also nicely composed. It certainly demonstrates some of the differences between how human eyes perceive a scene and how cameras do - in particular, how we can usually see a lot more detail in both shadow and highlight areas than film or digital sensors can.
  2. This is a nicely framed shot. I like the contrasting patterns, between the bold black on the wings and the softer shapes in the plants.


    One thing you could consider doing is making the colours more vibrant, using something like the levels tool in Photoshop.

    Climbing a head


    I nearly broke my leg taking this one, when I discovered that the

    metal grating at the bottom of the fountain in which I was standing

    wasn't actually bolted down.


    In any case, what do people think?

    Trees, fog, light


    I took this while hiking with my father. What do people think? Are

    there ways it could be improved in Photoshop? All I have done is

    adjusted the levels a little and applied an unsharp mask.

  3. That spot is actually a blue patch at the very top of the dome. I can only see it if I view my iBook screen from an odd angle. I am sure I could clone it out fairly easily in PS, and will do so at a somewhat less busy time.


    Thanks for pointing it out.

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