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  1. I'm curious to see what maybe a polarizing filter would do to this image - in theory, it would have removed some of the grey reflection. Either way, its nice - I'm reminded of a swimmer holding on to a floatation device.
  2. There's been a lot of great work showing up here lately, but yours stands out, not just for the quality of the work, but for the few minutes it takes to annotate. I'm playing at considering myself a photographer, and seeing your notes on how your shots were composed or arranged or lit gives me ideas of how to work and expand. Thanks for your contributions!!!
  3. This is an indoor shot correct? Was this shot at about .5 sec shutter speed or slower? I'm interested in shots like this which play with time and movement. By the way, beatuiful composition - people moving right past the memorial, there memories left in stone.



    I must disagree about DOF, the incredibly flattened DOF is something I like - it's not applicable to all uses, but here, it makes for a more abstract image. What lens was used for this? How low did you go aperture-wise (f/2.8)?
  4. What red filter did you use on this (red15?) - this is the depth of contrast I'm dying to get in my B/W. This is beautiful work. I'm just about to go buy some filters and am interested in what you carry with you regularly.


    Holy cow - I'm interested in your technique to get this shot. Did you bracket, what were your aperture and shutter speed - this looks like about an 80mm lens, or is it telephoto? How many of this did you take to get the wonderful blur balanced with the deep colors (not over-exposing)Were these colors without filters or anything? I suppose part of that comes from shooting slide, but ... damn - great shot!
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