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  1. I have wanted to get into medium format for quite some time, but the

    cost has held me back. I have a holga 120, which i love, but its not

    enough to fill my medium format needs obvioulsy. I have been looking

    for cameras and have come across two cameras i am interested in, they

    don't cost too much and i really like the image quality and look of

    both cameras.


    -the Seagull tlr


    -the Lubitel 166B tlr

    both of these are for sale at www.lomography.com


    I was also wondering what different ways i could get negatives/prints

    of these, right now with my 35mm stuff i get negatives devolped and

    scan them. i get a nice look and its very cheap. I use a regular flat

    bed scanner, a epson perfection 1260. Which has attachments for 35mm

    film and slides, but nothing for 120 or 220. I have been able to scan

    110 film with the 35mm atachments, but thats just cause its smaller. I

    was wondering whether or not there is anyway i could scan medium

    format film, and or get cheaper negative and print devolpment. i

    realize that i might have to get a speacil scanner for medium format

    so i was would like to know what i would need to devolp the film alone

    and then get prints of what shots i want, instead of having to pay for

    that as well.

    I would really like some help with this, and im really interested in

    getting into medium format.

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