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  1. <p>I was interested in the enhanced rapid shooting upgrade and installed ver 2.0.0. Now I'm searching the web to fix the problem of the rear lLCD monitor going black when I try to display / change "AF-DRIVE" and "ISO" setting buttons on the top. The information is displayed on the smaller top LCD screen and in the view finder viewer so all production is not at a stand still while Canon corrects this flaw.</p>
  2. This combined shot just won 1st place in the Agnes Jameson Art

    Gallery photo contest October, 2006. However, it also was awarded 3/3

    by two Photo Net reviewers. As free advice to other recipients of

    poor (and anonymous) ratings...

    Evaluate all opinions in respect to their source.<div>00IWBv-33081984.jpg.04d9f10215c401decf3510b6c7e9992d.jpg</div>

  3. Hello, In case anyone is interested, after the "20 cleaning", I tested the results and can confirm that all I did was move the dust around... for 4 hours... I'm starting again to try to remove all the dust blobs. An air bulb does absolutely nothing. The dust must be attracted to the glass surface with the strength of the "quantum strong force". I am reasonably confident that when I figure out how to successfully dislodge and remove the very small dust particles I just may discover the theory of everything. Hawkings, Einstein and Sir Isaac will be looking on with interest I'm sure.
  4. Hello, Originally it was just dust on the glass cover plate covering the sensor on my Canon 20D. First I used a brand new fine brush for photo retouching after carefully fogging the sensor surface with my nervous breath. Did you know new brushes are dirty with some type of residue??? Now there is dust and smears. Then used the ultimate information source, the internet and found a working solution: Clean Q-tips with distilled water and new dust blower. Actual cleaning took all of 20 minutes. Check out this information source and problems will be solved.



    I did not read through all responses to this question so if this is a duplicate, I apologize.


    Greg P.

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