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  1. Hi Phil!


    Well, wow! what an amazing set of colours. really stunning.


    I was wondering what that reflectoin is in the water in the foreground? the sky doesn't look that bright? just curious.


    a completely surreal image, could be on another planet!


    enjoy your photography, and the site.

    grampians 11


    One of many beautiful views in the Grampians. Bushfires had torn

    through ths area two years previously. I especially loved the contrast

    between the charred remains and the new folliage.

    Sea Wind


    what a beautiful portrait. the lines and smooth curves work wonderfully together. and the natural feel (minimal makeup on the model) compliment her natural beauty.


    just lovely



    He's a purebread staffordshire bull terrior.


    7 weeks old is old enough to be purchased, taken home and loved. We are lucky enough to have two other adult dogs (kelpie x and red heeler x) who have taken this little fellow under their wings.


    After having looked at your own image, I feel for your little fellow. In Australia, American Pit Bull terriors are restricted breeds. But I'm sure we both know, its the owner and pack leader of any dog who has a huge hand in deterniming the nature of the adult dog.


    This is a photograhy forum and not a place to debate dog breeds.


    i really enjoy the lighting in this.. it suits the subject beautifully. The softness and delicacy of a kiss in the afternoon sun.

    Irina & Merima


    to me, the woman in the background is not necessary.. she seems to be hiding behind the front model, and her hair? I would also suggest that you don't cut the hands off if you're going to try this again... there is too much black space on the left.


    jsut a few suggestions :D

  2. Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my folio, i appreciate it.


    My favourite thing about photography is that i get a chance to show others what i find interesting... give them a chance to see the world as i see it.


    Keep shooting, keep sharing, and do what you want and not what others say is "right". And most of all, keep your unique perspective :D


    Cheers, Ellen



    So often you see autumnal colours in images such as these. But IMO your use of black and white beautifull accentuates the chill of winter. Congrats



    Yes, this is my first try... we'll ours. My brother has the telescope, and i have the camera, so it was a joint effort.


    We have the camera attached to the telescope... so no camera lens involved. I'll try reducing the ISO but i have no mirror lock up functionality with my D70s... i've read tho that faster than 1/125 and it should have no real effect? We were set up on concrete, were using the timer (i have no cable release) and the only thing we could think was causing the shake was the camera itsself.


    Ohh this is exciting :D looking forward to taking more pics soon! My brother says that when we can find neptune in his telescope, we should be able to see the ring!



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