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  1. Thanks Jay, yeah I had suspected bot-action, that's why I asked in the first place.


    I don't take much notice of my own ratings (they change daily depending on how they were allocated lol) but am really about open conversation/discussion about mine and others images!


    I often find the Site Feedback forum frustrating - so many people ready to jump to the negative!


    Cheers, Ellen

  2. Geez guys, relax! Was just asking a simple question!!


    Curiosity may have killed the cat, but I gotta say, I'm feeling a little batterd myself now!


    You're mistaking my curiosity for some sort of dependency on ratings!


    Get over yourselves.


    Have a nice day now, you hear!





  3. I've been tooling through RRP this morn, and have noticed that the

    past 15 shots or so haven't rated above an average of 4/4 - just

    wondering if somethings afoot, cos I personally didn't think this

    mornings offerings were that bad!??


    anhyoo, have a great day!


  4. A group of users have decided to embark on an enterprise designed to

    utilise more interpretive skills ? a subject photo open to

    manipulation, and personal perception.



    The general idea is that a single photo per week will be the subject

    image. This will be posted here .




    Users are invited to submit their own personal take on the image, and

    add their submission to the critique thread.



    The rules? Well RE has so graciously offered to host this forum, so

    will be the recipient of the subject photo submissions, and will also

    post the one photo per week.



    People submitting subject photos need to understand that once their

    photo has been offered up, they can?t take personally anything that

    is done to the shot ? but obviously, deliberately offensive

    submissions are discouraged.



    To see a history and example of what is intended, as well as details

    for subject photo submission, please look here




    What we?re trying to do here is have a little fun, encourage

    discussion, and see what happens to an image when seen through a

    variety of eyes.



    Hope you can join us!

  5. I have a fiar idea who the 'very nice image, thanks 6/6' is as I've been got a couple of times lately (as I'm sure most have lol). I suspect however, that this person has read this thread because althought the 6/6 hasn't changed, the comments are getting a little more varied!


    yeah, you have to laugh at this sort of things... its pretty damn obvious and if you get sucked into it, well, then you're not making the most outa this site!

  6. My intention in asking the question was not to irritate or stir the pot but to simply seek clarification (next time I will search for similar threads BEFORE I post a question) - I am NOT anti-nude, but, like every other person in this world, have preferences.


    It's a shame that a site like this appears happy to stand still while technology and other sites pass by - I would have thought that given the calibre of photographers who post here, and the sheer volumes of users, that PN would also like to be the BEST when it comes to its technology.


    But in the end, I guess that this and similar discussions wll continue until suchtime as (inevitably) progress, and the needs of users, pushes it forward - in whatever direction.



  7. Filtering is not necessarily censoring, as I suspect Bob is suggesting - I don't particularly fancy photos of flowers, so if given the option, would view the whole gallery without these shots! Like I said, I have nothing against nudes, and I actually surf during my lunch hour, but it was just out of consideration for my co-workers who might happen to spy something on my screen that they would have preferred not to, that I asked this question. Its funny, if the line between artistic nude and home porn wasn't so vague here, I may have more interested co-workers than repulsed (myself included).


    Bob, seeing as you are not in a position to comment on site enhancements, are you able to refer this thread to someone who is? I've really enjoyed frequenting PN over the past year or so, and have learnt alot, and it was out of genuine interest in getting the most of of PN that I posted my question in the first place.


    I spose I'll restrict myself to home then, and end up here at the same time as the blue moon (which is about as often as I get the chance to be online at home).


    Thanks all,


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