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    Vintage Sig


    My daughter, Sigrid and I were playing around with lighting one day....Sig is

    on the kitchen table, a sheet is the backdrop and a table lamp is the light

    source. With a little PS thrown in, this is what we came up with.

    Thanks for looking.

  1. Well, that is a hard question for me to address. When I took the original "A Year Later", I knew absolutely nothing about scans/digital files/photoshop/etc. All I did was scan it on a flat bed scanner, add the tone in what ever I was using at the time, and post it. The "Revisited" shot was posted shortly after I got into Photoshop. Obviously, I did not know what I was doing and ended up with what you see. I thought it was cool at the time! Way over done, in my opinion.
    I much prefer the "A year Later". Actually, I have improved the image a lot since then. Too much scanner noise, not exposed correctly, not enough detail, etc.
    Like I said earlier, I was not trying to "pose" the girls, persay. The Moms wanted the shot to show how much they had grown in 2 years, so I told the girls to walk down toward the beach. The girls did the holding hands and hold the dress thing. BTW, the Moms loved it.
    But, time rolls on and little girls grow up. I could never get those two to do that again in a million years.
    Thanks again for all the comments.


  2. Well...I am flattered to have my image chosen for the POW. FYI, the girls "were" best friends. My daughter Sigrid (on the left) and her friend Maddie were inseperable for a few years until Maddie moved away. The image from a year earlier WAS a non-posed capture of the girls walking to the beach to take some vacation pics. This image "set up", a year or two later, was at the request of the two moms.
    I took this series with an old Nikon and/or Contax SLR film camera. I was just getting back into photography and they are far from perfectly executed. On the other hand, the images bring back fond memories of the beach and a time spent with best friends.
    I appreciated ALL of your comments. Good and Bad. This is how we learn...from each other. I preach this in all my workshops and it amazes me how much we can learn from each other, if we just take the time to listen.
    Thanks again for making my shot the POW.


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