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  1. I wasn't sure where to post this. I took this photo as a part of an

    engagement session at the request of my clients. It has more of a street

    feel, but for the fact that it's set up. It's not really a portrait, but at the

    same time it does tell a story about the two subjects. It's almost a

    landscape, but not quite. What do you think?


    Thanks for any and all comments.



    All comments/critiques welcome. Thanks!


    Strobist Details:

    580EX through a 18" softbox camera right, silver reflector camera left,

    two bare speedlights on the background.

    Impending Doom


    This past weekend I photographed the 65th Annual Stowe Derby. For

    those unfamiliar with the race, it starts atop Mt. Mansfield,

    Vermont's highest peak, and ends in the center of Stowe. The course

    starts with a 3 mile, 2000' vertical drop followed by 8 miles of cross

    country skiing into town. The race must be completed on one single

    pair of skis. Frequently, hilarity ensues as cross country racers try

    to descend alpine ski trails.

    Bright Ideas


    I saw a similar shot a long time ago with a CFL blub. Recently, I

    started thinking about doing the shot with clear bulbs. Happened to

    have this one kicking around in the utility drawer.



    Is the shadow under his nose distracting to you? The sun was

    streaming in and I filled his face using a 580EX into a shoot through

    umbrella. Does it work? I think he looks a bit like Leonardo

    DiCaprio in this shot.



    Available light. A building to the left gave a nice rim light to him.

    Shutter speed was slower than I would have preferred, in retrospect,

    so it's not tack sharp, but I think it's close enough. Do you?

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