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    Bad Luck Bee

    I agree that with a shot like this, you work with what you've got. I wish he wasn't so close to the edge, but you are right that at least he's all there. Interesting shot.

    IR Creek

    Foliage in daytime IR tends to have a luminescent quality that converting to b/w doesn't have. Trust me, before I got this camera where I could shoot IR, I tried to replicate it! I like your idea about working with curves on that one area to bring out details. I'll try that. The reason that I use the 25A is two-fold. It does help bring down the exposure as not all the light is filtered out, and the Sony 717 has IR emiters that everyone told me to cover with tape when I'm shooting IR because they cause aberations, but with the 25A, the aberations rarely come up.

    IR Creek


    Working on my Infrared shots. I brought the exposure down as much as

    I could, but the Sony 717 doesn't allow you to change the exposure

    time in nightshot(infrared)mode. I may need another ND filter. What

    do you think?

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I can do. This is actually a break in the bushes (hence the branches, and to the left is a power pole. I was trying to give the rider space to ride into, but agree that there is just too much space to the left.

    Desert digital IR

    Digital IR is hard to master...I know I'm still working on it. I like your result here. I do agree that the bottom left corner is too soft, but otherwise, you seem to be well on the way.
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