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    I am shocked! I am twice in one day rating highly wildlife shots. But you've got two herons or egrets or whatever on a zebra in a field of flowers, what choice are you giving me but to praise you? Great crisp focus on the head of the zebra, great composition. One small nit... wish there were catchlights in the zebras eyes. Second small nit, did you artificially blur the background? Seems like it... distractingly so.


    lovely. I might try again with an equal percentage of the child's face and mother's face, otherwise, great. Oh, and try it in sepia and see what you think of that, I bet it'd look great.
  1. If onnly you had more of the woman including more of the bag. It feels very chopped off as is. It's an -almost- or a -what if- shot. I understand you only had a moment to snap, but, oh well.

    Big Cat

    The crop leaving out the mouth really doesn't work for me. It just feels like (esp. with extra room above the ears) poor composition.
  2. I'd love to know if you think this blur is artistic or overdone... it

    is just as it came out of the camera, only adjustment was to add a

    frame, and clean up a couple pieces of lint.

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