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  1. <p>I agree to your idea, Michelle. Timestamps will help to find out whether there's something new.</p>


    I'd like to elaborate on my proposal. What we all look for at Photo.net is good images to look at and discuss. Since there are almost a million of them, the problem is how to find those special ones that we will love. The rating system is an aid, but it has its drawbacks, as we already know. The main one is that the best chance to get more than a few ratings (of people who stumble at our folders) is when we submit images for critique; but, due to the narrow public exposure time determines very few random raters, many times it happens that those few end up misjudging a good image, and also awarding lousy ones with a high rate, I'm afraid due to their lack of experience. And a good image with a low initial rating will easily get lost, due to the top photos searcher will not expose it.


    <p> That doesn' mean that images with a good average rating provided by a large

    number of raters aren't worth of it. I believe they usually are. But my concern

    is how to find those ones that weren't well treated initially (or never were

    sent to critique) and therefore they now lay down buried like pixel treasures

    waiting to be found. In my experience, a good way to find them is to look at

    other people's comments. </p>

    <p> To rate is the easiest thing to do when you find an interesting image. But

    you comment one when there is something about it that really touches you in

    some way. That feeling moves us to write, and hence that image has a better

    judgement than the one it was just rated. Unfortunately we currently only have

    access to the highest rated ones. That also was the reasoning behind my proposal,

    and now I hope you had seen at the mockup how interesting images we could get

    to know by staring at other people's commented ones, and how nice is to find

    new photographers (for us) with interesting work, that we just couldn't have

    gotten to know otherwise. </p>


    Thanks for reading here so far. If you try the mockup's url and it points to this same page, it means it's now shut down, as it was previously announced.


  2. Have you ever wanted to review the images you commented in the past?

    Up to this moment, you do have a page with all of your comments along

    with the dates associated with them, but if you want to see the image

    itself you would need to open them one by one in a new page, thus

    bloating the need for PN's bandwidth and yours as well. With this

    problem in mind I decided to write a small app in my computer that

    retrieved that page and automatically reformatted it to include the

    thumbnails of all of the pictures commented. Cool idea.<br>

    When it was ready, I realized that I also wanted to see the pictures

    I rated in the same space, and so I added the ability to show

    the 'highest rated' ones, merging my comments with the information on

    the rating I gave them, when it ocurred.<br>

    That lead me to this proposal and to write the mockup to explain it:

    I suggest

    to provide the ability to gather in a single place all of a member's


    regarding a single photo, for both groups, those belonging to him and

    those that

    do not. I have had the chance to get to know more of a member's

    background (usually

    a rater) in this way, and also the greatest way to start new sailing


    within PN.<br>

    Here is the mockup, and as long as it makes non typical use of PN's

    material, it will be publicly available only for a matter of hours.

    Please Brian, forgive this in advance. I love PN, and I really want

    to share my two cents with this.<br><br>

    <a href="http://augusto.servepics.com:8080/pn" target="_blank"


  3. <p><i>"for me the rating system is so fundamentally broken that I see no reason

    for changing it, it will remain broken."</i> </p>

    <p>Guess I am optimist, not only because of my faith in PN community, but because

    I know there's a lot of images in there that I don't have access to, precisely

    due to the downsides of the rating system. And as I know that every day a thousand

    images are uploaded, I just can't help to feel bad about not having the opportunity

    to reach those the could-be most appealing to me. <br>

    You just need to realize that as a matter of taste, as in every other form of

    art, there will always be a large amount of subjectiveness. But we do need to

    have at least a pondered rating system, so that a kid doesn't bait your work

    because it is blurred, for example, simply because he just can't understand

    that there might be several layers of reading one image, and that some of them

    can surpass the need for its technical excellence. My proposal of rating the

    raters' favorites wants to deal with that, by allowing at least one more level

    of fairness, like you said.<br>

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and by the way, I'd like to know more of the case

    you told on your previous post. :)</p>

  4. Ilan if I were to take your word for serious, that would mean that you're saying that, on average, photos rated high are bullshit, right? Well, that's your opinion. Anyhow you like good pictures, and you also have uploaded your good pictures in order to allow other people here to enjoy them, or criticize them, right? That means you like good pictures in general terms, and that you're here in PN because of them. But you know what?, you've managed to get to know those new good pictures and its new photographers as well because of the rating system. So IMO some amount of credit we should be able to give that system for the persistent sucess of PN, which is also why you've bothered to drop here your gentle lines. :)
  5. Jhon, I don't mind about the right of PN users to punish bad pictures, with low ratings. We know there's some abuse also, but again that is not my point. My point is that, given the fact that one image once is submitted for critique will have only minutes of exposition, let's make it count the level of experience of its random raters, so that that image could have the chance to persist in the spot. <br>

    Jani, I don't get why you couldn't be honest anymore or why you wouldn't keep your right to rate not-so-great pictures. At this moment, favorites are a collection of images you've rated over 6, for both originality and aesthetics. If someone rates your favorites, it will be based on the pictures you really appreciate. No one needs to see what you don't like but what you do like, meaning he will inevitably judge your taste, your ability to be consequent with your comments, or even your willing to find good pictures for the rest of us. As in regular ratings, there's also the chance for blockheads to bait, but the average is what finally counts. PN's rating system has its downsides, but on average, chances are that an image rated high deserves it along with its right to persist. PN's downside is that good images that felt in unexperienced raters' hands will be forgotten or will become hard to find.

  6. We are all images eaters and ratings are just a hint on were the grass is greaner. Hence we worry about the ratings, not because they're fair or unfair at an individual level, but because it means exposition or not out of these almost one million images. I've stumbled to pages containing photos I like very much tough the apparent consensus - telling by the ratings - was that that picture wasn't worth viewing. But the true was that that image was never submitted to request; or in some cases it was submitted many time after it got uploaded, so the only exposition was to the few ones that saw it during the brief time it was at a "on air" condition. Instead, favorites do tell more about the images themselves AND the raters as well. There's always the possibility that a blockhead could rate badly a favorites, but as this whole system is means stuff, in the end the best favorites would prevail over the other ones, and that would introduce a huge fairness factor to individual ratings as well.
  7. The rating system is not perfect, we all know that, and I feel like

    sharing my two cents. (I don't know whether this idea has been

    proposed before):<br>

    How about rating a member's rated-images collection? I believe most

    of us use to rate images we like, having in mind that then we will be

    able to come back to them. The fact is that frequent raters' rated

    images are a source of interesting images to watch too. If I get a

    bad rate, I look for the images he considers as best, and even If he

    didn't leave a comment, I do have the opportunity to learn, whether

    the case. So if the link "highest rated photos by this member" is as

    popular as I suspect, how about we put the ability to rate that

    favorites collection? Then, a member with a high favorites rating

    could ponder its ratings to others: If a member has a favorites

    rating of 7, then his ratings to others would value more than those

    of another one whose favorites are rated lower. <br>

    What do you think?

  8. Is there a page here at Photo.net where I can find a consistent explanation on all the alternatives available a the top photos search engine? I'm not complaining on the rating system. I just would like to understand it so that I could have a better idea of where to look for more compelling and beautiful images. :)<br>

    Thanks in advance.

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