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Image Comments posted by zackariah_cole

  1. Wow, I'm obtaining comments and I did not even post this piece. Thank you all very much for

    your thoughts. First off, this is not a photo and I am the author of everything that I upload. I created this entirely on my computer. Which is why I have placed it into my 3D Paint folder. I

    do have photo's that I have uploaded onto photo.net, but I am not limited to photography alone. I enjoy experimenting with many different techniques and methods. I understand what you all are saying about this not being a photo, and its not, but I do not see the harm. This is a free service and I am using it for uploading my personal photos. I never post anything for critiquing that is not a photo. I simply enjoy letting everyone look at the different art forms and it makes it easier on me to keep all of my artwork on one site. If this offends some of you, Im sorry, I do not mean to chafe. Please do not feel beholden to rate my non-photographic art and I will make better on my attempts to explain the orgination of my art. Thank you again.

  2. I probably should have placed this piece in my 3D folder because the subject of this image is not real. I apoligize if I mislead some of you. The entire background (clouds and grass) is a photograph. The lightning and model are all added in. The model being a 3D creation and the lightning being a PhotoImpact effect. So I would say this classifys as more of an illustration than a photo. For those of you interested, I tried zooming in on the subject and removing the star effect as suggested. click here to see I like the end result much better. Thanks for the comments.
  3. I don't know enough about photography or the camera I took this with to know exactly what created the white blur on the edge. It's an old GAF camera I purchased at a rummage sale for 50 cents. So that may explain part of it. I honestly would have rather done without the blur but I don't find it to be overly distracting. No, I did not use a pinhole, I used an auto-wide 1:28 for the shot. Thank you for the comments.
  4. This was technically a screw up with all the white blurry stuff on

    the edge but I decided to go with it anyway, I kind of like the

    effect. Other than that though, how is the over all composition? Is

    the background lacking?


    Very well done. Textures drew me in instantly. My only complaint would be that it's cropped a bit too soon on the top left-hand corner. I feel like there should be just a little more... but that's being overly picky. Overall, very well done. Congrats on a awesome photo.
  5. I agree with Reinier on this one. It's an excellent subject, well composed, just needs some better lighting. Not necesarly to show the very bottom part of the staircase, but just to show a bit more depth and to rid the photo of the distracting glare of light reflecting from the wall, hand-rail, and top of the stair-case. Very good try though. Keep it up!


    . . . but that's why I like it. I'm a huge fan of this type of work. Very dark, detailed, "murky", and completely non-sensical. I did not see the fish right away, which I liked. That way, I knew the photo was not so much about the fish but where the fish was. It's difficult to comment on work like this but all in all, I like it. Keep up the good work.

    Water Fall

    I'm afraid I must agree with Brian. It could stand to be a bit more clear/sharp, at least on the far right and left corners. The rest looks fine. I love the over all darkness. It reminds of a dark ruined world with something new and beautiful, almost surreal like, flowing threw it. All in all, very good photo.
  6. Personally, I don't see wrath so much but just an over all gentle warm feeling. maybe that's just because I'm currently cold so warmth is what I'd like to see. :) It's a very nice photo anyhow.
  7. Have been dabbling with digitally altering photos. Still have a lot

    to learn, but I thought I'd throw this one out there to see if I

    could get any reactions. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


    Lady Bug Express


    After working on drywall in the bathroom there was quite a bit of

    build up of dust on the floor and some lady bugs had walked through

    it. Just thought it was interesting... and almost 'cute' in a weird

    bug kind of way.

    The Eight Ball


    Digitally Altered...Photoshopped...whatever you wanna call it...

    yes... I did it... but that is how I like to show my photographs.

    I'm sorry if that upsets some of you.


    Just curious as to what people think of this one.

    Monsterio flower

    I agree with the above comments. Although I don't find it obscene... I admit I did find it to have some simularity to part of the male reproductive system. :) I also love the softness and peaceful mood it offers. It's very beautiful and natural. Definately a wall hanger in my book.
  8. Well it's certainly very unqiue. I'm a bit confused as to what it is exactly I'm looking at. It looks as though it's a balled up fist on the left but I'm not sure about the right side. You've titled it 'the human body' so I would expect more 'body' and less hand. But you have captured a 'human' feel to the photo. Abstract, but I like it.
  9. Very nice photo. I love the deep rich colors. The line of yellow in the background really adds as well. Has a certain 'freshness' to it that really strikes something in me. It's too bad about that reflextion in the left side of the vase. Depending on how you feel about 'photoshopping' I'd edit it out. Overall, a great picture.
  10. I've come to the painful conclusion that 'digital anything' recieves

    almost no appreciation at all in the world of photography. Although

    I do somewhat understand why that is, I'm not letting it stop me from

    displaying my digital work.


    Any and all comments are highly welcome.

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