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Image Comments posted by paul_schwartz1

    Sparkler Kid


    I really like this picture, but there is something about it that nags

    at me and I can't figure out what. Any critiques would be helpful so I

    can try it again this July 4th!

    Street Light


    I really like this image. At first I felt it was too centric, esp with the stop light smack in the middle. But the light trails are perfectly assymetrically balanced (if that's possible!). I wonder what this would look like in color, since the light trails would appear yellow, red, and white, and the glow from the stoplight would provide some interest too, esp with a slight haze to allow from glowing light beams. Also try this after a rain, since the street will be wet and may provide added depth by reflecting the light trails.


    Good job!

    my hand


    I like it! I enjoy self portrait photography that explores what you can see of your own body while, presumably, holding the camera with one hand.


    I also like the grit and grain of this picture (whether technically intended or not) for me it lends a sense of age and mystery to the image.

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