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  1. I like this photo. It is definitely a more subtle aesthetic experience which is why I am glad a photo such as this has been chosen as POW. I am glad the elves aren't just looking for their favorite postcards. I really like the metallic looking sky and don't see it as just empty space. I think the sky and the silhouette work together very well in this photo.
  2. I am glad this got POW. No, it's not a racecar or a volcano erupting... but it brings significance to the ordinairy by way of an artists insight and skill with a medium (light). It also looks like a thoughtfully chosen and composed subject.
  3. I think the eyes are perfect. I like how the shape of the man's left ear shows, and the positioning of the lips... Past sufferings are not something that stands out to me from this portrait. I think there's an enthusiasm that shows from the face.
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