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  1. I have been a BW photographer for over 40 years, but recently saw a Youtube video on Direct Positive RA-4 prints, and had to try it. Two years ago I built a 16x20" camera which I use for studio work, and portraits and thought it would be perfect for trying this out. I used Fujicolor Gloss RA-4 paper, the standard Dektol paper developer and Arista's set of RA-4 chemistry. My son helped me and we were thrilled to get a result on the first try. The only real bummer is the severe color shift towards blue. Even with filtering I wasn't able to adjust it and decided to just go with it. My plan is to use my 14' wet plate trailer and take images in Southern Utah of Zion, Bryce etc. What I love most is that each print is one-of-a-kind, like a color Daguerrotype. I have attached images of the 16x20" prints, plus the camera I built and used to make these. Thank youIMG_1165.DNG



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