AA 56

by Peri John

aa nude peri john

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Published: Sunday 8th of September 2002 01:43:58 PM


Timo Hartikainen
The door in the background distracts a little bit, I would make the whole background black, but otherwise very good and original pic.

Saybian Morgan
Aesthetics 7, Originality 8 I do agree on the door, its a bit awkward after and almost complete black background but then again its the only thing that defines her hair, my emotions are mixed. Whut was your intent?

John Peri
The only trouble with photographing this young lady is that her hair is so black that it reflects absolutely no light whatsoever (even flash hardly makes a difference). It's true that if the doorway were to leave, her hair would disappear too ....

Detlef Klahm
expression and bodylanguage well captured

Steve Bingham
Ah, youth. Nice shot. Lose the door (PS).

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