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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Published: Sunday 8th of September 2002 01:40:59 PM


Detlef Klahm
playful, sexy and great expression in body and face make this a fun shot! Lighting and composition works!

Saybian Morgan
Saybian M After all these photos in so many locations, how is it your able to keep your light so consistent in such changing atmostpheres?

John Peri
Saybian, it's the same balcony and same doorway for all the photos, so maybe that explains in part the consistency? The young lady is actually 7 months pregnant and that is the lucky father! These are just summer shots - nothing serious intended ...

Saybian Morgan
Saybian Are u serious, i've seen pregnant photos of her, maybe its the angle i thought this was after the baby she looks slim. As for the consistancy question i ment overall in all your photography, theres seems to be a similar lighting scheme that achieves good results no matter the environment.

Hillary Davis
John, this one is a winner, the best of this series. See, in this shot, the partially-clothed models work- it's playful and sexy. I imagine them as lovers impulsively getting randy on a warm summer day. They look very happy- the way he gazes at her shows how he loves her, and her smile and the way she coyly turns from him yet keeps her butt pointed at his groin is a delightfully playful tease.

John Peri
Well, something must be working ... they just had their baby ... !

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