In a rush .. downtown Manhattan

by Peri John

in a rush downtown manhattan seeking critique peri john

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Published: Wednesday 28th of October 2009 12:37:17 PM


Sweid Sideris
As Luca said, the dynamics is the axle of the composition, and I should add the spontaneous angle of her whole body with the soil. The detail of her black boots is not a minor issue, on the contrary, is a relevant contrasting accessory against her incredible skin.

Jim Phelps
John, This is indeed hilarious! I do not think I have ever seen the streets of NY like this, with no pedestrian traffic. Jim Phelps

Alberto Quintal
John. Lovely model and excellent street shot!!! Alberto

Landrum Kelly
John, you've got to guard against being too conservative. --Lannie

Clemson Guy
John, It is amazing how you always keep it interesting. Simple shots that just grab your attention. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Dan

Straighten? I'm quite a fan of straight photos! But in this case it's not a major issue. It might add to the dynamics of the picture.

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Interesting thing, John. What if we were all freed from clothes? . In this case, the appeal is the secret curves and shape beneath the wrap. And the wrap is very important even if our eyes go straight to the mons veneris area.... If we cover up the long laced boots, some of the appeal and "dissonance "vanishes. In a way it is like the metal cover on the trash can next to her.. ( Repugnant comparison I know).a body is a body, even a well formed one. And clothes give it a suggestion of greater sexiness. A kind of benevolent deceit. Not sure of what I am getting at, but I had to spill that wild thought. It is a nice playful image. And I like it. gs

Spider Seventy one
Another reason to LOVE NY! Your street photo are very good. Is this down around 8th St, also?

Salvador Penaloza
Great just great, congratulations to both of you, // Salvador

John Peri
Late for work ... Yes, but we have to isolate the nudes to protect those that could supposedly fall on them inadvertently .. strangely, the ones that are often shocked the most are some adults .. :-) Oh dear, I'm so lazy .. I would need to straighten a bit the photo .. this is an occasion where it's possibly merited ..

John Peri
You know Gerry, I'be been on nude beaches in Mykonos and the South of France .. after a few moments, you don't notice it any longer.

John Peri
Lower Manhattan Jim, it's the old symptom of trying to be more Royalist than the King .. I waited for people to go by, but I don't think that the model really cared ..

More in the "street" category. It's funny.

Kombizz Kashani
I wonder what time you took this image as barely anybody was on the street.
Was it on Sunday where people in church or ...
I like your capture and her fashion statement!

Spider Seventy one
There is a nude beach at Sandy Hook, NJ, too. You're right, after a few minutes, it gets pretty comfortable.

John Peri
Thanks .. yes, that's right !

Maurizio Moro
Another "fresh" walk!

John Peri
Thanks, I'll work on it Lannie ..

John Peri
Thank you my friend, it does look simple sometimes sitting in a chair. The greatest challenge in a case like this I think is to prepare the model (she discarded the coat in a couple of photo too) .. the rest I guess is mostly a question of timing. It was a busier time than one may imagine from looking at the pic. However, I think I was ultimately more concerned than her that she not get embarrassed and I waited for people to clear by .. the usual symptom of trying to be more Royalist than the king. We did move on to the metro shots however, with much more people around, some of which you may have seen posted here .. Many thanks for passing by and for your comment. John

Phillip Marco Vallentin
Don't worry... ... about the small details John. This pictures strong side, is its REALITY ! I've seen FAR too many pour attempts, of amateurs posting something which is CLEARLY a studio shot, onto a streetbackground... THIS is how to do it - the REAL way ;-) Keep it up - your fine work that is ! Collegial respect, Marco/

John Peri
Busy day .. ..

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