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Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Sunday 25th of October 2009 02:01:25 PM


John Peri
Backstage Labors .. .. what happened to the other girl that was in the apartment .. ?!

John Peri
well, there is the grocery bag in the corner .. haha .. but you can also see that I bounce the flash off the wall to the left .. :-) .. gives a soft and diffuse light that covers most objects, even the young lady under the table ..

Mark Harris
I like this as an addition to your backstage series but it would be an interesting photograph in general. I also like that we are getting a free John Peri lighting lesson.

Bob Kurt
Nice shot! Very interesting picture!

Jim Phelps
John, This is hilarious! Jim Phelps

Alberto Quintal
John. Excelent!!! Alberto

Bill Symmons
Wow this is a heck of a John Peri self portrait!! Nice shot John My compliments, Bill

Tammy V.
Bravo to you all! Love it when you're in the frame too, John!

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